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Title: How to Build a Website to Make Money
The internet is a very good resource when it comes to generating revenue. Many people around
the world make a living off of the internet. This relieves you of the daily trouble to perhaps be in
an office. But making money online is a serious business. In fact, it requires an ambitious person
in order to hack it. There are people who have been active online, and yet they don’t have much
to show, whereas some relatively green beginners have shot through the ranks. So, you must
have a profitable plan, and then be ambitious.
The first step to making money online is to have a website. The quality of your website affects
the earning potential. A poorly done website will be repulsive to visitors and a well done website
will invite more visitors, increasing your transaction prospects. If you’re not well versed in
technical matters, you may have to hire a web designer to build your website. The primary focus
of nearly all webmasters is to earn the internet dollar. So, you must structure your website to
maximize your earnings.
a. Beginning
Start by writing down your goals. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Don’t just throw
things around and imagine everything will sort itself along the way. Conduct a research on all the
possible avenues to generate income. The most basic would be attracting paid adverts to your
website. Also, there’s the option of being an affiliate marketer. It is important to identify all the
possible avenues and weighing their merits and demerits.
b. Identify your Niche
The next step is selecting the place where you’ll bloom. Remember, the website must be fed with
content. Don’t create content that you’re only passionate about, but also one that has a market
out there. Ensure your content is allied to popular keywords. This will boost your website’s
chances to appear in search engine results.
c. Get a Domain
Now that you have a virtual concept of your online presence, it’s time to actually get practical.
The first step is to get a domain name. Some free platforms like Blogger and Wordpress.com

have free sub domains, but if you’re serious about making money, get a custom domain. The
domain will be a server for your website. There are numerous web hosting companies offering
great deals. But always ensure that the domain name is close to your niche. This will boost your
websites page rank.
d. Build the Site
Visitors are reputed to be very petty. Therefore, it doesn’t matter the content, but if the website
design is poor, they won’t stay around. So, hire a web designer to build your site and put all the
necessary features.
e. Google Ad sense
Google Ad Sense advertises products that relate to your visitors. The ads are merely banners
placed on your website. When an ad is clicked on, or even viewed, you’ll be entitled to a payout.
In order to increase your earning potential, you should increase traffic to your website.
f. Affiliate Program
Many companies sell their products through affiliate marketers. You should sign up for an
affiliate program and market products on your website. Successful purchases will earn you a

Title: 7 Steps to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing
The online world has a number of ways through which you can make money. However, there are
no get-rich-quick schemes. In order to rake in serious cash off of internet you must be disciplined
and ambitious. Many bloggers rank affiliate marketing as their biggest earner. Affiliate
marketing is simply a system where companies outsource marketers for their products. If you
have an online presence, you qualify to be a marketer, and you’d simply promote products
through your channels, and if sales went through, you’d receive a commission on each sale.
Affiliate marketing is pretty popular among bloggers because of its earning potential. Most
companies are generous in their awarding of commissions. For instance, click bank offers 50
percent of the profit! But you don’t become a successful affiliate marketer overnight. It’s a
process that requires calculated steps.
1. Goal
Affiliate marketing starts with setting up exactly what you want to go for. One of the primary
goals for affiliate marketers is content creation. This is very important since it will keep your
website running. Poor content will attract lesser visitors and so the earning potential will be
pretty down. Goals must be realistic. For instance, a beginner shouldn’t overestimate their
website’s traffic potential. When you start out, you may feel as if you’re doing something
revolutionary and it may easily go in your mind. In order to avoid disappointment, have little
2. Niche Market
It’s also important to target your audience. Figure out the type of content to interest different
groups of buyers. Always align the content to the demands of a niche. As a webmaster its okay to
dabble in many niches, provided you have equally many websites. But you must research widely
to ensure that your content is king. Remember, visitors can tell substandard content by just one
look. But if you grow to become confident in what you do, then you’ll cater to a wide niche
3. Design Website

A great website is SEO friendly. If you are signed up for free blogs at either Blogger or
Wordpress.com, ditch them for self hosted blogs. Buy a domain from a trusted web hosting
company. They give value for money because of their wide options and security. The aesthetics
of the website is an important factor too. Ensure that the website has a professional look to it.
And then you must keep posting regularly in order to drive up traffic.
4. Look for Affiliate Programs
When you have all of the above, it means you’re just another person fighting for a mark in the
cyber space. The next step is to actually identify affiliate programs and sign up. Don’t read all
the sweet words and lose your mind. Also look out for the terms and conditions. For instance,
some companies are sensitive to various contents and others may want to verify your identity.
But once you’re comfortable, sign up.
5. Create Awareness
You must drive traffic to the affiliate links. The most natural way of doing this is by creating
more content. You may also start product reviews and feature the affiliate products.
6. Promotion
Also incorporate external ways of promoting your blog. You could focus on growing your social
media presence and also indulging in PPC ads.
7. Polishing Up
At this level, start to shine up the website. Look for deeper content and more ways to tap into
new visitors. These will increase your page rank and boost up traffic. As a result, there’ll be
more buyers clicking on the affiliate links.

Title: How to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer
Merchants employ affiliate marketing to increase the sales of their products. The affiliate earns a
commission on referrals or complete sales. For instance, if you have a blog, or a popular social
media account, you could sign up for affiliate programs. Then you’ll promote the products and in
return get a percentage of the earnings. This system is favored by many bloggers. But it is also a
very competitive field. In fact, despite of its high commissions, competition doesn’t let a wide
percentage of bloggers to become top earners. It’s only a small; percent that really makes a kill in
this sector. But it is still a recommendable way of earning. In order to be successful at affiliate
marketing, you should use some of these strategies.
Avoid Greed
Some affiliate programs are very enticing. And if you’re one to be blinded by money, you may
overlook other important things and end up in trouble. The money is important. But it should not
be the dominant factor. You should look at the product’s alignment with the content of your
blog. For instance, if your content is tailored for a mature audience, then clearly you cannot
endorse raunchy products. Another aspect of greed is overstuffing your website with affiliate
links. This is not ambition. In fact, you will pass of as being needy, and visitors will get away.
Choose the Niche Well
In order to be a successful affiliate marketer, you should be great at identifying niches and
closing in on them. At present, most niches have enough affiliates fighting it out, seeking
dominance. But with a little innovativeness, you can still identify new niche markets that haven’t
been catered to. Targeting your visitors well will improve your visibility and attract more
Be Relevant
The job of being a webmaster can be very frustrating. And frustration can have a negative impact
on your productivity. Well, you must always seek to be relevant. Article recycling is indicative
of frustration and apathy. You must always create new content for your website. If you start copy
pasting articles from elsewhere or recycling your previous articles, wishing that nobody sees,
people will soon discover you and run away.

Create Brand
When you align your affiliate products with your content, you go the extra mile of branding. In a
way, it raises your net worth, and you’re eligible to command more fees. Companies will want to
work with affiliates who have built a brand already, because they are better positioned to
influence customers more than anybody else. On the other hand, having a jumble of affiliate
products on your website is both confusing and unprofessional.
The success of affiliate marketing is very dependent on traffic. And so, in order to boost up
traffic into your website, you need to advertise. The best option is PPC. In this model, you’ll
place banners on search engines and redirect traffic into your blog. People who click on the
banner will be possibly looking for your content. And so they’ll be more likely to click on the
affiliate links.

Title: How to Find the Best Products to Promote
The success of an affiliate is very dependent on the product they first chose. That means, if you
choose an irrelevant product, you’ll not make a sale. Choosing a product that will sell is the
secret to being a successful affiliate. But the rules are not set in a stone tablet. The affiliate
market is controlled by many factors but the key is to focus customers. Here are some of the
ways on how to find the best products to promote.
Perform Keyword Research
When a potential buyer sits up in front of a computer and types a short phrase in a search engine,
they’re obviously looking for something. Well, the results that pop up in their search engine will
be the closest relative to their keyword. Therefore, before choosing a product you’d like to
market, first research on the most appropriate keyword. In this way, you’ll set yourself up for
success. Thankfully, there are online tools to perform keyword research.
Investigate Your Audience
If you’re lucky enough to have an online following, it would be wise to know more about your
audience. If you’re going to try to sell them products, at least first understand who they are. The
key to understanding who these people are is to create a social environment. Through your social
media accounts, see what gets off most of them. Don’t be afraid to openly ask them what
products they’d like to buy. Make an email list and once in a while send emails asking your
audience personalized questions; but in a professional way. This will be a bonding exercise as
well as an effective way of getting information about them. When you have a general idea of the
products they’d use, now sign up in affiliate programs that have the products. These products are
more likely to get bought.
Follow your Competitors
Don’t pride yourself for your independence streak. Well, it is also a point of strength when you
survey what your competitors are up to. The websites in your niche probably engage in affiliate
marketing. Look into their products and see their conversion rates. If the products do well, then
consider also selling them on your website. The logic is that your peer websites appear alongside
you in search engines, and their potential clients may well click on your website too. This is still

an effective way of measuring trends. You find that in some seasons there are products which are
more marketable than others. Generally, keeping your competitors in your sight helps you to
select the best products.
As you research your niche market, brainstorm. This will help you to go for the best possible
option. And it will help you maximize your potential.
Identify Irrelevant Products
Basically, you wouldn’t want to market products that don’t appeal to the masses, let alone your
audience. This will save you the disappointment. Irrelevant products can be outdated or obsolete.
Therefore, no one has any use for them, and your attempts to sell them will meet a brick wall.

Title: Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing
The company you choose to host your website plays a critical role to the success of your online
business. Most people look at the prices of the web hosting services and go for the cheapest. But
this is a dangerous move because your web host influences your overall performance. Although
price is a great factor, it shouldn’t be the focal point. You should look at other important factors
such as security, joint services, and support. A reliable web host has 100 percent uptime meaning
it’s available throughout the year. Also, a web host that is optimized for search engines is great.
These are some of the web hosting service provider.
This is a well known web hosting company. It provides reliable hosting services to over 100K
websites around the world. The site was stated by a team of technicians looking to solve the
crisis of web hosting. The company also acts as a domain name registration. People who would
like to buy domains or flip domains are also catered for here. However, those who use its hosting
services can register a domain for free. The web hosts uptime is 99.9 percent. And the technical
support is live and available at any hour of the day. Its prices start at $ 3.95.
This is another established web hosting company. The company boasts of an uptime of 100
percent. There are great deals for new customers. The web host service comes with an unlimited
storage and bandwidth. The Web Host as a team of technical support who are available round the
clock. The servers are great and some are specialized to cater for enormous websites. It also
provides tools for building websites like weebly. The prices start at $ 4.95.
Dream Host
This web hosting company has an unlimited hosting option and limitless bandwidth. It also has
an uptime of 100 percent, meaning your website will always be up and running throughout the
year. At $ 8.95, the web host is not cheap when compared to other companies, but it is definitely
worth the cash. It also has a feature of installing content market systems such as Worpress. This
makes it easier for the beginners who may experience trouble setting up the website. The
customer support is round the clock and there’s live chat.

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