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I decided this should be private - Sailing Anarchy Forums

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Think about it, Happy Jack did not have an edit or delete button when I created
him. I thought at the time that those were simply the forum setting for everyone.
Over time I started to notice that other posters did have them so I emailed Dawg
about this and he enabled them for me only to have them removed again a few
weeks later by ED when Sol falsely complained. What you accuse me of was simply
impossible since I lacked the ability to do it.
Even if I could edit or delete I can't change other posts that quote me. If I ever post
something in error or that would otherwise prove embarrassing, how likely is it
that I would realize there was something there that I would want to hide or cover
up before someone pounces on the error and quotes me? For your charges to hold
water there would have to be numerous quoted posts where the original is gone or
changed. All I have ever asked is for you to show an example. I know they don't
exist but apparently you don't.
You are making the charge. Seems only fair that you should show some evidence.

Sent 27 May 2011 - 10:25 PM

B.J. Porter

As mentioned previously, and documented many, many times in public - your Nailing
Malarkey persona was caught numerous times playing bullshit edit games and being
dishonest. I've found them, quoted them, pointed them out, etc. etc. I'm simply not
spending the time to do it again solely to have you say "Happy Jack isn't a
disingenuous liar, that's not me you're talking about". Waste of my time, you're not
worth it.
That makes you disingenuous and intellectually dishonest, it doesn't make you a liar
per se.
I have ZERO doubt in my mind that you are the same person that used to post as
Nailing Malarkey, U Bent Strom, Dagger Bored and probably a couple of others I
forgot about. You continually deny this and insist there is another Florida dwelling
ex Canadian mostly retired "Independent" that went to MIT, married to a Brazilian
(doctor?), who posts lots of negative crap about Democrats while lauding Republicans
who also happened to lose a son named Trevor in a bicycle accident. I find the
likelihood of two separate people that have never met with two such similar profiles to
(apologies for the commas in that, the sentence got broken up as I remembered more
and more similarities, I know there are splices)
So - you deny you were the poster Nailing Malarkey and all his other sock puppets this is clearly not the truth. From where I sit, telling something that is not true
intentionally is a lie. People that intentionally lie...well there is a name for that, isn't
Never mind the "Independent" nonsense. Every single one of us including you knows
which way you roll, you are as independent as that idiot Gator, our other self
proclaimed "independent". At least with guys like NGS and Boobytrap they don't
pretend to be something they aren't. That's not so much a lie (well, technically it is but
it's a little one) as it is simply disingenuous and dishonest.
No one, including me, objects to maintaining privacy and keeping your real ID and
name private. What is objectionable to many is coming back with multiple names and
pretending to be a different person every time. Part of your MO every time you come
back with a sock puppet is to pretend you aren't NM, and you don't know him, but you
eventually admit admire his work. Eventually you guys get chummy because you start
learning things about him, etc. etc. You've done this repeatedly, we've all seen it and
we're not half as dumb as you think. Frankly I don't give a damn what your real name

2/1/2017 12:30