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I decided this should be private - Sailing Anarchy Forums

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is, I have no respect for you because you won't own up to your online past at SA.
Your not being able to edit "when you created him" doesn't pass the smell test, it's not
logical. SA admins have, in the past, for particularly obnoxious but persistent trolls
like yourself (admit it - how many times have you been flicked???) removed the ability
to Edit. As you well know there are ways to circumvent IP address blocks, so the only
thing you can do with people that on these boards is try and keep them on the straight
and narrow through other means - close the doors for acting up. A more likely
scenario? You create Happy Jack, all is normal. Someone makes you as returned
banned poster and management figures it's easier to just try and keep you a little
reined in than begin the whole ban & dodge routine all over again. That seems way
more logical.
I don't hate you at all. I have no respect for you, which IMHO is a lot worse. You may
not think what I say is true (that you are a liar) but I believe that it is and I have
backed it up repeatedly - you just lie that it's not you therefore I've not made my case.
I have no real respect for intellectual dishonesty and the sort of cheap tricks that you
tend to favor.
I've always felt that SA is like a yacht club bar - a bunch of people unified by common
interest that are shooting the breeze on a lot of topics. You, however do not seem to
share that common interest (sailing), you seem more interested in walking into the
bar and picking a fight and seeing if you can get people to bust up the furniture. But
you don't seem to show much interest at all in actually pulling up a stool, ordering a
beer and having a discussion. Instead you are walking around with a megaphone
shouting your agenda and ignoring those that question what you have to say. I don't
see the point in it.
OK, this is about nine paragraphs more than I ever intended in a private dialog with
you, I think you are dishonest enough to post portions of it therefore I really do not
want to engage you in PMs. Everything when dealing with the dishonest with should
be public because they will deny what is said here, while I will never post it.
You want me to back off? Come clean about your sock puppets and online history.
Until then every single post made by Happy "I am Not Nailing Malarkey" Jack is
repetition of a lie.

'Happy Jack', on 27 May 2011 - 7:26 PM, said:
I started this response the other day and then I decided I didn't really want to give Gaytor or Sol
another excuse to start their BS again.

'B.J. Porter', on 26 May 2011 - 05:56 AM, said:
I agree with not making hay of this sort of thing, which in spite of how low my opinion is
of you and all your alter egos I never jumped on that particular bandwagon. I'd rather
miss an opportunity to mock you if the story was bogus than do something truly appalling
such as mock you if the story was true. There's just no point in that, it's not how I roll.
For that I give you due credit.
But to clarify - Nailing Malarkey had a son named Trevor that he said died in biking
accident. So did the Trevor mentioned - presumably your son? You claim you are not NM
and do not know him, yet you both lost children in an identical fashion, post the same
way, sound the same and act the same. How could Trevor be missed if he is NOT your son
and you do not know the Malarkey family?
So - is Trevor Malarkey's son or yours? Or both? I'm a little confused here as to whether
you are two individuals leading weirdly parallel but identical lives, or if you are in fact the
same person that used to post as Nailing Malarkey. From where I sit I see tons of

2/1/2017 12:30