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I decided this should be private - Sailing Anarchy Forums

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evidence that you are one and the same person, in fact the ONLY thing that says you
aren't the same is you denying it.
And? I feel no obligation to identify my self. In the past I was naive about the
Internet and posted photos of my self and my family on certain sailing and
other sites. I didn't realize how dangerous that was if you are also going to
post on political forums. To shorten a long story, my openness in the past
allowed two individuals, including one from SA to track down email
addresses for my wife and ~10 year old daughter. One also knew our home
address, I'm guessing from the property tax rolls once they knew my real
name. And, just because they don't like my politics they emailed my family.
The worse of the two went something like "I know you live at etc etc". So
forgive me if I no longer feel any obligation to share my identity or even to
confirm past identities. In fact I would have zero reservations about being
deceptive in such matters if I thought it was prudent to protect them.
Given the vitriol from Gator, Sol and a few others I feel completely justified.

So what is the truth here? Will you come clean on this? Or do I have your permission to
keep calling you out for lying about it?
I have not lied here, nor anywhere else. I have shown multiple examples of your sock
puppets lying and being intellectually dishonest, and you lie about them being yours. How
is calling this out a lie, pray tell?
I learned a valuable lesson many, many years ago - always tell the truth, because then you
never have to worry about keeping your story straight or remembering what you said.
Given that I post here with my real name and anyone with half a brain can find me in the
real world in about 3 seconds, I'd say the credibility cap is stronger for the guy that keeps
showing up with fake names while pretending to be a new person every time.
I get that you and they don't like my politics and you don't like my attitude.
But how does that justify hating someone? You say you don't lie but you have
repeated specific accusation that are simply false. Maybe you really believe
they are true or because you think I have not been forthcoming about my
identity/ies you have convinced yourself the other charges must be true.
Think about it, Happy Jack did not have an edit or delete button when I
created him. I thought at the time that those were simply the forum setting
for everyone. Over time I started to notice that other posters did have them
so I emailed Dawg about this and he enabled them for me only to have them
removed again a few weeks later by ED when Sol falsely complained. What
you accuse me of was simply impossible since I lacked the ability to do it.
Even if I could edit or delete I can't change other posts that quote me. If I
ever post something in error or that would otherwise prove embarrassing,
how likely is it that I would realize there was something there that I would
want to hide or cover up before someone pounces on the error and quotes
me? For your charges to hold water there would have to be numerous quoted
posts where the original is gone or changed. All I have ever asked is for you
to show an example. I know they don't exist but apparently you don't.
You are making the charge. Seems only fair that you should show some

Sent 28 May 2011 - 05:46 AM

Happy Jack

Do I want you to back off. Hell no. I would just like you to learn the truth.
You say my editing/delete claims don't pass your smell test.
The password to Happy Jack is bjporter. you are welcome to scan the IMs between

2/1/2017 12:30