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I decided this should be private - Sailing Anarchy Forums

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You see Mr. Porter, I'm sufficiently secure in my person that I have no need to cover up my
errors. I know with a certainty that I have never edited the content to hide or change the
meaning of any post under any alias on any forum.
Have I altered the author of a quote to trick people into exposing their hypocrisy?
Absofrikenlutly. With pride. If the party or author of an idea is the determinant factor in how
someone responds to it then they deserve to get caught. If they are intellectually honest and hold
to their beliefs then the trap will blow up in my face and it has on rare occasion.
Have I obscured my Identity? Only if the same school, career, city, farm, wife, etc etc is too
subtle for you to figure it out. Killery again man was an anagram of NM for God sake. A lie? Or a
Joke? Come on BJ you may be a lot of things but I never thought you were stupid. NM was
banned after he blew up about the member that started sending harassing, lewd emails to his
family. He didn't one day decide NM had been caught one too many times and changed his ID to
hide from something he'd said. NM stood and stands behind everything he ever posted. The
name changes were forced on him by the board and certain members with a snitch complex.
Obviously you can screw me over with the password to my account and things I've just told you.
You want me banned? I've given you all you need. I don't think you will but if it happens so be it.

Never logged in to your account, and I won't either so you can make the password
whatever you want. I'm just not interested in perusing that stuff.
I don't any police reports about your son, that is your business. You know my stance
on it; I've no cause to comment on it either way.
It's a fundamental issue of honesty. You do not come of as honest - intellectually or
Nailing Malarkey was BANNED from SA, no? The account disabled and eventually
removed? Along with a number other usernames you've created and used to return
even after the management at SA explicitly told you that you were no longer welcome?
Don't pretend you got tired of the Nailing Malarkey persona or abandoned it - it was
banned, I think we all know that.
Whether posters sent you harassing PM's is immaterial. Abhorrent and inappropriate,
true, but immaterial to you returning to SA repeated pretending to be somebody else
(though it probably should have been reported to SA because they do tend to respond
to real world crossovers when they are aware of them).
That Dawg suffers you at all is a wonder given how much hassle you've given them by
returning repeatedly after being banned - in explicit violation of the terms of service of
the web site. That the management might wish to curb your capacity for mayhem
rather than trying to keep tracking down and stamping out user ID's and sock puppets
is understandable.
BTW your lack of Edit story doesn't pass the sniff test because you claim you couldn't
edit from the creation of the Happy Jack username which makes no sense unless SA
somehow detected who you were the moment you hit "Submit" to create the new
account. The version of events that DOES pass the sniff test is that you join as Happy
Jack with a perfectly normal account, then someone in management figures out (or
more likely is tipped off) some short while later that you probably are Nailing
Malarkey returned once again from Banland and decides to box you in rather than
have to deal with another sock puppet/zombie user out break. That seems
more...plausible...than what you present. Given there are multiple admins it's entirely
possible that not all of them were clued in to this action, hence your mixup with Dawg.
I wouldn't want the job of trying to sort out the sock puppets and spammers in this

2/1/2017 12:30