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I decided this should be private - Sailing Anarchy Forums

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questionable intent. I don't think that "Sol's Friend from the Deli" was created with
intent to obscure exactly what was going on. I don't agree with it, but recognize it for
the sophomoric humor that it is. Some of the other ones were over the line (I believe
we had a "Malarkey's Dead Son" and "Sardonic's Cat's Anus" as two of the most over
the top) and I've stated that to the purported owners of said puppets on multiple
And it is also quite different that someone who has been permanently banned from
the site by the site's owners yet persists in returning under multiple ID's in direct
violation of the site's terms of service which he has agreed to abide by.
I'm not buying your script kiddie solution as practicable. You may think you've got
something there, but to implement that with a script would be the equivalent of
launching a DoS attack on the server since you'd be pinging it repeatedly with the
same request over and over again. So maybe the complaints on the server's slow
performance of late are your fault? I'd not mention that to the admin team or in public
if I were you.

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2/1/2017 12:30