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Dear Colleagues,
The Role of Internist in Cancer Management (ROICAM), held since 2012,
has always gained great response among doctors, especially Internists
and other doctors that linked to Hematology and Cancer from all over
Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua. This event also has been attended each
year with increasing number of participants.
The increasing number of patients treated for cancer in primary and
secondary Health Services with multidisciplinary approach in The National
Health Insurance (JKN) era creates the necessity for doctors to increase
their knowledge, skills and insights to provide better health service quality.
Hematology and Medical Oncology as a division of Internal Medicine has a
dominant role in cancer systemic therapy, therefore the ROICAM 4 event
is expected to allow fellow doctors to gain the knowledge and important
information about ever-evolving medicine for cancer systemic treatment.
ROICAM 4 in 2016 will display newest issues, such as: Immunotherapy
on Cancer Management, problems in health service on The National
Health Insurance (JKN) era, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Stem Cells, also
advancement in cancer supportive treatment, such as blood component
transfusion, anemia, thrombosis, cancer pain, and updates on systemic
therapy, including newest medications on the treatment of most frequent
cancers; i.e. breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, lymphoma, and
many more. Expert speakers in their fields, from all over Indonesia and
abroad with topic variations will assure the quality of Symposia and Workshops
in ROICAM 4.
ROICAM 4 is expected to be better than before, advantageous, and
applicable for all participants, so that health services towards patients
particularly in Hematology and medical Oncology in Indonesia will be
This precious event is not so often held, it will be unfortunate if you miss
this great workshop and symposium.
May you enjoy the symposium, we will see you all at Jakarta.

dr. Asrul Harsal, Sp.PD-KHOM

Final Announcement The Role of Internist in Cancer Management (ROICAM) 4