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About Us
Raw Strength Equipment works with fitness centers, high school, and
collegiate strength coaches and trainers to create fully customized strength
facilities. We carry a standard line of equipment or can customize to your
needs. We do full weight room installs from equipment to flooring. At Raw
Strength Equipment, we offer our Hardcore Series line of equipment for budget
friendly users that want that commercial grade equipment at a budget price.
We also offer our Extreme Series, which is our most heavy-duty customizable
equipment we offer.
• Design
At Raw Strength Equipment we welcome the input from our customers.
Have an idea? We can create fully customized equipment using our 3-D
software. We offer full room layouts in 3-D so you can see how your
equipment will fit in your weight room. With over 25 years of experience in
design engineering, we can accomplish any goal you may want to achieve.
• Fabrication
Raw Strength Equipment uses the latest technology for the fabrication.
From welding jigs to CNC laser machines we can fabricate any piece of
equipment you may want. Our welding practices adhere to AWS D1.1
welding standards. The powder coating is sprayed on and baked in the
oven, ensuring a durable finish. Our custom upholstery uses 1” thick
padding with top stitched covering to provide a secure fitting. All products
are fully assembled to make sure everything fits before it leaves our
facility. Most importantly, everything is manufactured right here in
Minnesota, USA!
• Delivery and Installation
Raw Strength Equipment offers several options for shipping. If you need
our assistance in setting up your new weight room, we offer delivery and
full install.