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Writing and The Written Word Thoughts on reading, writing, and publishing The Marketing Value of a Good Book Cover An author may invest all the time, effort and fortune for writing, editing and publishing a book, but leaves very little for the cover design forgetting that the cover is the reader's first impression of the book. For well-known authors, their books may sell themselves since the author has over time established trust on his content on the part of most readers. But for a new writer, you need to create that first impression with your book cover. One of the best gifts to give yourself as an author is a time to find a professional cover designer who understands designs and who can get your story and the message you need to impact on your potential readers. There is a multitude of new books being published and, on the market, today, and this is why one of the most important factors which make a buyer pick a book from the bookshelf should also be considered. Judging A Book By Its Cover There has always been widespread of this popular idiom all over the world which reads "Don't judge a book by its cover." However, despite how true this might be in the realistic sense, the book industry is an ever-evolving one, and most of the readers now use the cover of a book as a deciding factor whether to buy the book. First Impressions Matter Writing and The Written Word Thoughts on reading, writing, and publishing In the modern book industry today, first impressions matter, especially in books, where readers seem to have many options, including online ebooks. People have now resorted to the belief that "If you can't judge a book by its cover, then someone's not doing their job". Currently, when people are browsing in a bookstore (either physical or online) and look at the book cover, they take some seconds to decide if it's appealing. If so, they pick up the book, turn it over and read the back-cover copy. And if they are online (for E-book), they read the book description. But of course, you know what happens when such book cover doesn't appeal to them, they either drop or skip the book. The First Sales Pitch Therefore, with the growing number of books all over the world today, giving millions of books


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