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THE TINFOIL TIMES INC. COAST TREASURE CLUB' INC' THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER OF THE GOLD voL.26 NLMBER 6 .Y.Yl-,:,1y.,:),Yi,"#i.Yi,*..Y-.-'-,, 'r I f-lL r'i' ltl-^ r i,illttr E iT in'G' wi iiiir r,.r,,,,,r,rr!..{Y}F.,?0:? "' i,',L','J T;ilf i+'+'r:'i'rili:it LM PA --,:.'.:.;r.I.i.'." E S r Hii';;" E w ttF-t-3 iu itilr' ;i ii i i[ E'd AT L+T -TrF ^ ,rrJ Et n Ellrt ,., BEACHGARDENcLuBINDREHERPARKINWESTPALMBTf-*-*-9Il?* ***?*Tl**"*X-:fiX;-:;;-;;*i*********'l*****ft**********************************s*********** A ctubfor


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