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Curriculum Vitae
Jan Persson
Course director cont.


“How to improve treatment of primary and recurrent
ovarian cancer”, Symposium Lund University Hospital.
April 2006.
Workshop in laparoscopic and robotic surgery for
gynecological malignancies. Lund University Hospital
May 2006.
Workshop in basic and advanced laparoscopy in
gynaecological cancers. Lund University Hospital
September 2006.
The first Crafoord conference. Evolution of robotic
surgery in Europe. Lund University Hospital April 2007.
Course director of gynaecological programme
Undergraduate course (3 days) in basic laparoscopic
surgery, Lund University Hospital, Practicum and Dep
of OB&G. 2008.
“Minimally invasive and robotic surgery in infertility
and pregnancy”. Symposium, Lund University Hospital,
June 2009.
Society of European Robotic Gynecological
Surgeons,”SERGS” first European Congress.
Milan, Sept 2009, Course director for benign
Society of European Robotic Gynecological
Surgeons,”SERGS” Second European Congress, Lund
Sept 2010, Chairman of organizing committee, course
SERGS annual meeting 2011 and 2012 Leuven and
Marseille. Scientific committee member.
Chairman of advanced procedures session.

Practicum Robotic School, Masterclasses in
gyneconcological surgery. Masterclasses in surgery for
benign gynecological disorders.
Course director for 13 courses since 2009
For details of courses please see

Member of organizing

“Why Skills centres”. The first Öresund symposium of
clinical skills training. Rigshospitalet Copenhagen Nov