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E. Athanasiadis (Athens)
I. Boukovinas (Thessaloniki)
G. Brown (London)
Q. Denost (Bordeaux)
R. Glynne-Jones (London)
S. Gourtsoyianni (London)
N. Gouvas (Worcester)
R.J. Heald (Basingstoke)
W. Hohenberger (Erlangen)
T. Holm (Stockholm)

Z. Krivocapic (Belgrade)
S. Laurberg (Aarhus)
R. Lovegrove (Worcester)
A. Martling (Stockholm)
D. Mavroudis (Heraklion)
I. Messaritakis (Heraklion)
D. Nicol (Worcester)
Y. Panis (Paris)
G. Paspatis (Heraklion)
P. Quirke (Leeds)

Colon Cancer

B. Rau (Berlin)
G. Romano (Napoli)
J. Souglakos (Heraklion)
C. Stamou (Athens)
S. Stelzner (Dresden)
R Tekkis (London)
E. Tiret (Paris)
C. Triantopoulou (Athens)
L. Vini (Athens)
N. West (Leeds)
T. Winggers (Groeningen)
E. Xynos (Heraklion)

Anal Squamous Cell Cancer

Surgical Anatomy of Transverse Colon
Liver Metastatic Disease
Unresectable-to-Resectable Conversion
Neo-Adjuvant Treatment for Locally Advanced Disease
Increasing Resectability Rates
Management of Synchronous CRC
Surgical Treatment: Complete Mesocolic Excision
and Liver Metastases
Histopathological Predictive-Prognostic Factors
Quality Control of Surgery
Peritoneal Carcinomatosis from CRC
Adjuvant Treatment
Appendiceal Neoplasms
Management of the IBD Patient with CRC
Cytoreduction and Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy

Rectal Cancer
Surgical Anatomy of the Rectum: From Below
Preoperative Local Staging
Neo-Adjuvant Treatment
MRI Guided Therapeutic Decisions
Approaches for TME (Open, Lap, Robotic, Ta-TME)
Low and Ultra-Low Colo-Anal Anastomosis
Extra-Levator Abdominal Perineal Resection (ELAPE)
Management of Patients with Comorbidities
Quality Control of Surgery
Management of the Rectal Polyp
Doing Less: Expectant Policy, Local Excision
Adjuvant Treatment

General Issues
Microbiota and Large Bowel Carcinogenesis
Radiomics in CRC
Training Curricula in Colorectal Surgery
Proctoring, Tele-Proctoring, e-Learning
Centralisation and National Registries

Thursday, 3rd May 2018
Modern Imagine Modalities in Malignancies
Chairpersons: £ Chryssau, A. Karantanas
■ Neuronic Networks [K. Marias)
Micro- PET (G. Papadakis)
Chairperson: S. Kachris
Neo-Adjuvant Treatment in Locally Advanced Disease [G. Evangeiiou)
16:45-17:00 Coffee Break
Liver Metastatic Disease from CRC
Chairpersons: C. Dervenis, M. RovithiJ. Souglakos

TBA (D. Papamichael)

New perspectives beyond second line therapy in mCRC (P. Katsaounis)
Further to Standard Surgery: Increasing Resectability Rates (Romano G)
Management of Synchronous CRC and Liver Metastatic Disease - Algorithm
* Colon (Agalianos C)
* Rectal (Agaiianos Q

Friday. May 4th 2018
Colon Cancer (I): Surgical Anatomy - Imagine - Surgery!
Chairpersons:). Tsiaoussis, G. Tzovaras
• From the Hepatic to the Splenic Flexure - Surgical Anatomy- Basis for CME (5. Stelzner)
The Persistent Surgeon: CME for Transverse Colon Cancer (W. Hohenberger)
An Update of the Evidence on Oncological Outcomes of CME (N. Gouvas)
Colon Cancer (II]: Histopathology - Adjuvant Treatment
Chairpersons: D. Mavroudis, M. Tzardi
• Impact of Extent and Quality of Surgery on Oncological Outcomes (JV. West)
NovelHislo-Pathological Predictive and Prognostic Factors - Digital Pathology [P. Quirke)
Adjuvant Treatment: How Long Is Enough? (JSougtakos)
Risk Assessment for Patients With Stage II Colon Cancer: What Counts? [M. Karamouzis)
11:10-11:15 Coffee Break
[Colon Cancer (ill): Carcinogenesis - Peritoneal Carcinomatosis]
Chairpersons: St Droufakou, J. Nunoo-Mensah

Colonic Micro biota as a Prognostic and Predictive Factor in Colonic Neoplasia (P.
• Role of Parasites in Remodeling of Microbiota and in Colonic Neoplasia (/. Messarilakis)
• Management of Appendiceal Neoplasms (Pseudomyxoma, AdenoCa)(R Rau)
• Prophylactic HI PEC and PIPAC for Colorectal Cancer (C. Stamou)
• Peritoneal Carcinomatosis from Colorectal Cancer: Cytoreduction and HIPEC(R Rau)
Chairpersons:D. Lytras,D. Nicol
• Surgical Anatomy of the Rectum: "From Above"vs"From below"(S. Stelzner)
13:05-14:00 Lunch Break
Chairpersons:MA Kalogeridi. A Mart ling
• Standard and Novel Regimes - Improving Complete Response Rates (/?. Glynne-Jones)
• Markers for Defining the Optimum Interval: End of Treatment to Surgery (/?. Glynne-Jones)
• Late Toxicity of Chemo-radio-Therapy {L. Vini]
|Rectal Cancer (III): Surgery]
Chairpersons: W. Hohenberger, K. Papaparaskeva
• MRI Guided Decisions (A Martling)
• MRI Directed Surgery - Macro- and Micro- Scopic Assessment ofSpecimen (P. Quirke)
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break

Friday, May 4th 2018
Chairpersons: T. HoIm.Z. Laurberg,
• Stapled Colo -Rectal, -Anal Anastomosis (Z Krivocapic)
• Sutured Colo-Anal Anastomosis (Q. Denost)
• Late Sutured Anastomosis - Pull-Through (C. Romano')
• Appraisal of Outcomes of Different Techniques of Low Anastomosis (K. Panis)
• Evidence and Pitfalls on TaTME (£>. Nicol)
Rectal Cancer fV) Adjuvant Tr eatment!
Chairperson: R. Glynne-Jones
• Adjuvant Treatment After Curative Resection (D. Papamichael)

Saturday, May 5th 2018
Rectal Cancer (Vl):lmage Staging
Chairpersons: E. Chryssou, P. Tekkis
• Local Image Staging of Rectal Cancer - Primary and After Neo-Adjuvant (G. Brown)
Rectal Cancer (VIII: Management of the Rectal Pol
Chairpersons: Q. Denost,L. Giannikaki,
• Staging Assessment [S. Gourtsoyianni)
• the Gastroenterologist's View (G. Paspatis)
• Histopathological Assessment ofthe Resected Specimen (M. Micev)
• Algorithm of Management (K Poms)
|Rectal Cancer (VNQ: Quality Assessment - Oncological Outcomes!
Chairpersons: J. Nunoo-Mensah, Z. Krivocapic
Latest Evidence on Oncological Outcomes After Extra-Levator APR (ELAPE) (T, Holm)
Local Recurrence: Preventing and Predictive Factors (P. Tekkis)
Impact of Lap-to-Open TME Conversion on Oncological Outcomes (/V. Gouvas)
10:55-11:10 Coffee Break
Chairpersons: Y. Panis, RJ. Heald
• Current Evidence on Local Excision (Q. Denost)
• Expectant Policy (P. Tekkis)
Rectal Cancer (XI: Management of Subsets of Patients - 1UD and Neoplasia
Chairpersons: J. Papaconstantinou, G. Pechlivanides
• the Elderly Patient (E ALhanasakis)
• the Morbid Obese Patient [Q. Denost)
• the Patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Insufficiency (A Martling)
• IBD: Management of Severe Dysplasia and CRC (/?. Lovegrove)
|Anal Squamous Cell Card noma
Chairpersons:G. Romano, L. Vini
• Standard and Personalised Treatment - 30 Years After the Nigro Evolution (R. Glynne-Jones)
• Follow-up - Management of Metastatic Disease [R. Glynne-Jones)
13:30-14:10 Lunch Break

Saturday, May 5th 2018
Minsultants Corner
Presenter: N. Gouvas
Moderators: j. Nunoo-Mensah, E Xynos
Consultants: Members of the Faculty

15:10-15:40 Future of Clinical Research
Future of Clinical Research: New perspectives in mCRC treatment: tiic role of immunotherapy (G. Argiles)
[The Master Colorectalists' Session
Chairpersons:C. Triantopoulou, E. Xynos
• Radiomics in Colorectal Cancer: Back to the Future (G. Brown)
• Proctoring and Teleproctoring in Colorectal Surgery (IV. Hohenberger)
• Training Curriculum for the Colorectal Surgeon - Need to Focus on e-Learning? (T. Wiggers)
• Implementing Novel Modalities in Rectal Cancer Surgery (RJ Heald)
Impact of National Registriesand Centralization on CRC Management Policies (Z. i.aurherg)

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