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Tale of the farmer and the quantum physicist
Of ferman: Fernando Mancebo Rodriguez Email:

Mister Brown, very skilled and a lover of quantum physics, in need of a well-deserved vacation, decides to
move to Andalusia, the land that he has been so much and so positively spoken of.
He have desires of sun, tranquility, good food and good and kind people.
Next to his arrival in Malaga, he decides to stop at a roadside restaurant to rest a little and have some
appetizer, and why not, to get to know the characters that populate these lands.
It is a restaurant not too sophisticated, with country people and clear behavior of rural customs; precisely
with whom Mr. Brown (M.B) wants to contact.
At his side in the bar, an apparent peasant (A) something older, is abstracted in his thoughts.
The waiter (C) smiling and something sarcastic addresses him:
C): "Hello, don Antonio.
What are doing, again abstracted and solving the problems of the world and of the Quantum Mechanics? "
He smiles and jokes back:
A): "No off course, the world has no solution; and Quantum Mechanics is all manipulation, imposture and
distortion of truth. That is, an authentic scientific aberration."
At this point, Mr. Brown who is listening to him, feels truly offended, and not being able to silence such an
offense, goes to his bar neighbor Don Antonio, to show his disagreement.
M.B): "Sorry Sir for introducing me in your conversation. My name is David Brown and I am a studious and
lover of Quantum Mechanics and I am not in any agreement with you.
I understand that Quantum Mechanics is the largest and most important discovery in physics and
mathematics of the last century.
And if I'm wrong, please, prove me with some example or simple exposition some wrong method of
quantum mechanics.
For example, expose your doubts about something as simple as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, so
much used and appealed in Quantum Mechanics.
Is it correct that we can't know at the same time the moment of a particle and its situation in space?"
Thus, that his true state is uncertain.

"Mr. Brown, it is a pleasure for me to greet an expert in Quantum Mechanics, I am glad to meet you, and
since I understand that you are a foreigner, then welcome to Andalusia.
Well trying to answer your question, I would like to do a simple test of how I understand this question,
taking into account the Uncertainty Principle, Schrodinger's cat, and other quantum proposals."
At that moment Don Antonio (A) puts a hand in his pocket, takes a coin without seeing, places it on the bar,
putting his hand on it and without having seen at any time, explains:

"Well Mr. Brown, under my hand I have a coin, whose value is in euros.
The question is: what consideration or value of uncertainty has this coin that is under my hand?"
"Well, taking into account that there are 8 values of currencies in the euro, 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.01, 0.2, 0.5, 1
and 2 euros, then the uncertainty or possibility is 8/1, that is, a certainty of 12.5 percent for each of those
coins, is not it? "
"No, I do not agree.
That is the uncertainty that our mathematical minds or observer minds can have, but the currency that is
under my hand, here and now, does not contain or is affected by any uncertainty.
In other words, this coin under my hand is and complies with all the physical laws as can be, weight, shape,
composition, etc., that characterize it and there is no possibility that it is one of the others ones that now are
not under my hand.
Proof of this is that if I raise and cover the coin a million of times with my hand, it will always appear the
same and not any other. Then the possibility of it being another is zero.
And that's where the Principle of Uncertainty and Quantum Mechanics fails, in the human egocentrism
when applying our physical and intellectual limitations to the elements and physical events.
Getting to manipulate physical reality so badly, that we end up saying that there is only in the physical world
what we are seeing.
But for example, if I put three mirrors together where my cat looks, he might think there are three cats in
front of him.
And if with any oscillating camera I observe that a particle is in two places at the same time, because I think
that all the particles can be in two places at the same time, and not that my observation mechanisms have
So Mr. Brown, I can have total uncertainty about your trip and places you have visited, but always and at all
times your trip has had a certainty and physical and mathematical reality totally unquestionable.

For this reason Mr. Brown I am more in favor of the Principle of Certainty that considers that: "Uncertainty
only exists in our minds as observers, but not in real physical events because they all have a real consistency
and follow all the physical and mathematical laws that define them."

Mr. Brown somewhat annoyed, did not want to continue insisting on the subject, and thought:
Well, after all, he is just a simple peasant who dedicates his life to discussing subjects that he does not know
or for which he is not prepared.
Better to follow and enjoy the holidays.

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