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The Women Named Raven 

Author: <_/-|MAGIC UNICORN :P|-\_> 

Chapter 1: Tell Me Your Name 
She was there.. The girl no one ever talked to. She was never 
at lunch, because she always sat in her teacher's classroom. It 
was so hard for me not to get up and just walk over to her in 
class and just kiss her. I always seen her alone everywhere, 
especially outside her house. I never asked of her name, because no 
one really knew what her name was. I just called her​ “The 
Mystery Girl”.. 
I thought to myself ‘Fuck this I am going over to her.’ But I 
never wanted to. Finally I went over and sat at her table during 
lunch. She was trying to move away from me, but I didn’t let her. I 
grabbed her arm, pulling her back to me​. 
“Let me go!” She yelled frightened, but yet not moving. 
“Hey what did I do to you? I was trying to be nice, by sitting at 
this damn table.” I said not worried about any lunch adviser 
walking around. 
“Just leave me alone and let me be.” She said pulling back from 
my grasp. 
“Fine.” I got up grabbing my stuff and was about to leave, till she 
pulled me back onto the chair beside her. 
“No please don’t leave.. I am sorry.” She got so worried about me 
trying to leave. 
After lunch she was standing close to me and my friends at 
recess, that it made them very uncomfortable. I tried to get her to 

leave, but she stayed near me each time. Finally I walked over to 
“Why won’t you leave?” I asked in anger. 
“I thought w- Never mind.” She ran away crying, and avoided each 
person on the playground. 
After recess, our class went back to our 5​th​ period class. The 
Mystery Girl sat at my table not talking till I asked her 
something. She was always very quiet. I never liked it when she 
never talked. It made me more uncomfortable that it already was. 
After class in the hallway here she came. She walked down 
beside me. I really didn’t want to talk to her right now, but she 
said my name. 
“Austin, right?” She said looking up at me. 
“What do you need?” I said forgetting what I was trying to make 
pop up in my mind. 
“W-Will you come over to my house?!? It is very quiet and boring 
over there with no one around.” She asked in a soft-toned voice. 
“I guess. Why not. There is nothing really to do at my house 
either.” I saw the smile on her face, and immediately felt good. 
After school I saw that look of happiness upon her face. She 
never had anyone that really made her happy, till I went to her 
table. I really didn’t want to go to that table, because I would’ve 
been called “The Lone Wolf who picks up little Birds”, but that 
didn’t happened yet. 


I knocked at her door and her mother answered it. 

“Hello, there.” The Mystery Girl’s mother said looking down at me. 
“Can I go talk to your daughter? It is a project…” I smiled as she 
let me in the door, and I walked over to Lana’s bedroom knocking 
on the door. 
She answers the door with the slightest bit of happiness to 
see me. I thought no one would be happy to see me. I am not that 
damn special. She told me to sit on her bed to talk about 
something. I wasn’t really sure what the “Something” meant. 
“Oh since you know my name already. Why won’t you tell me 
yours?” I said trying not to be insecure of anything. 
“Austin, I am not telling you my name, because you might tell your 
friends, and they might not like me after that. They already don’t 
talk to me.” She said looking out her bedroom window. 
“Oh.. Ok then.” I look at the ground and see through the corner of 
my eye she is glancing over at me every second. 
Every second I hear the clock tick and tock. It is like she 
doesn’t want to talk anymore. Finally her mother called for her 
to tell her that her food was done. I walked down with her and 
didn’t care what was next. It took me a while to figure out what 
to expect going downstairs, but all I saw was three other 
brothers of hers and two sisters. 
“Woah that is a lot of people.” I stare amazed by it. 

“Come on Austin. Sit and eat. My mother makes food like you 
wouldn’t believe it.” She smiled sitting at the table, but I never 
I sat on the stairs looking down at my phone checking my 
email every 10 minutes. It had been a half hour since they sat down 
and ate. 
“Are you sure you don’t want anything Austin?” Her mother said 
appearing around the corner to the stairs. 
“Oh my. You scared me.” I said dropping my phone, then picking it 
back up. “I-I’m fine.” I get up walking to their living room and sit 
As I sit down she comes back over to me and this time she 
sits on the couch beside me. 
“Heh I am beside you Austin. Next I will be in your head.” She said 
glaring at me and freaking me the fuck out. 
“Heh.. Stop that.” I say trying to avoid eye contact. 
“Raven stop it. Austin is a guest. Leave him be.” Her mother said 
staring down Raven. 
“Oh your name is Raven?” I ask looking back at her. 
“N-No.. It isn’t.” She said hiding the blush that appeared on her 
After a while we start to play some games. I look at Raven 
as she starts to blush again, then she hid her face under her shirt. 

I laugh a little as she pulls her head out from her shirt making 
a funny face. 
“Austin. It is your turn!” Raven said poking my hand. 
“O-Oh it is? Whoops.” I look down a little to feel anger in my 
I do my turn in the game, but after I grab my phone checking 
the time and I have to leave. “Sorry guys. I gotta leave.” I say 
walking to the door and Raven runs up to me. 
“No don’t leave. Please..” Raven says with a tear running down her 
“I will be at school don’t worry. Bye.” I walk out the door and 
get on my bike to ride home. 
Chapter 2: What Do You Mean? 
I woke up late this morning, and had to eat breakfast at 
school. Ugh I hated the food at school. It tasted gritty and smell 
was not very good. I saw Raven on her phone beside me somehow 
having me number on it. 
“Hey Austin!” Raven said in excitement also smiling. 
“Hey Rave.. I mean Raven.” I look down. 
“Oh it is fine. Call me whatever.” She smiles leaning on my 

After breakfast I sit in the classroom trying not to drop my 
phone from laughter. I hate when my friends get me laughing so 
bad that I can’t even breath. Finally they stopped making me 
almost cry. 
“Jesus guys. You are making me cry of that joke.” I say laughing a 
little more. 
“Sorry Austin.. It was too funny!” Fennece says trying not to laugh. 
The bell rings and me and Raven stay in the classroom, 
because the next period is study hall. I always stay in the 3​rd​ period 
class, because I don’t like my teacher in study hall. 
“Are you sure you want to skip next period. I mean I am free now, 
but ask your teacher.” Mr. Cornell said smiling at Raven and me. 
“We’ll be fine. She always let’s me stay. I am sure she won’t mind 
Raven staying here also.” I smile and look over at Raven, who’s eye 
got wide. 
“Austin.” Raven said as the teacher walked back to his desk. “Are 
you gonna come over again. It is ok if you don’t want to.” She 
added looking at her paper. 
“Umm.. Sure. I’ll come over to keep ya company.” I say glaring at 
the smile on her face. 
I didn’t think that she would be so kind to me. Mostly 
because I am always on my phone, but she seemed to like the quiet. 
We texted each other a couple to 400 times a day. It wasn’t much 
for an average kid with a phone. 

I get up and walk over to the other side of the room seeing 
Raven’s face on the screen of my phone. She smiles constantly. I 
like girls that non-stop smile. She looked over at me a couple 
times, till I went back to the table she was at. 
“Austin. What was all that about?” Raven asked looking at her 
“Oh uhh really nothing. Just bored.” I put my phone in my pocket 
and look over at the teacher. “Well he is out..” I smile and see she 
has put her phone away. 
After class I walk down to my 5​th​ period class waiting for 
the teacher to walk in the door to make the other side of the 
class be quiet. Raven, the one next to me, is playing on her phone 
and staring at me. I try to get her to focus on her game, but she 
won’t. Finally the teacher walks into the room and everyone got 
quiet. All you could here were tiny whispers amongst the crowd of 
I grab my phone trying to lookup a word and a message pops 
up on my screen. I ignored the message along with the other 50 
messages. They were all from the only person in the class that 
won’t stop looking at me. She glances over at me again and 
throws something at me to get my attention.  
Chapter 3: Together Forever 
1 week later 
I see Raven at my door and I walk out. She looks at me with 
the bitterest of happiness and kisses my cheek. 

“We are not together ya know. So don’t kiss me.” I say dropping a 
rock that was in my hand. 
“Oh sorry. I am just like so happy today. I don’t know why?” Raven 
said looking down at her feet. 
“Hey, hey don’t be sad. I mean we could date, but not yet.” I say 
lifting her head by her chin. “We are friends forever.” I added as 
she hugged me. 
The smile on her face got wider and I felt more controlled 
about it. I grab for the phone in my back pocket, but I pulled out 
something else. My money fell from my hand to the ground and she 
picked it up, handing it back to me. 
I thank her and walk back home. I asked her if she wanted 
to come over, but she didn’t answer me. She just walked to my 
house anyway. I let her in first and she was so shy. 
“Hey son. Oh who is this cutie.” My dad smiled as he looked at me 
and Raven. 
“Dad, we are not dating. She is just a friend.” I say looking angry 
at him. 
“Well she would be a wonderful person to have.” His mother said 
taking their jackets. 
Raven blushes deeply, but follows me into my room. I lock 
the door that way my little brothers don’t come in and ruin things. 
She just stands there till I pat my bed for her to sit, and she sits 
at the edge of the bed. 

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