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Issue #2

Free! — unlike the “free” politician promise

April, 2017

US Escalates Role in Syrian War, article by Will Porter (pg. 2)
Taxis hate Uber - What’s New? , article by Mike Morris (pg. 2, 3)
How Authoritarian Trolls Proved The CIA Isn’t Needed, Article by Ryan Sullivant (pg. 4)
The State Can't Fix Anything, article by Mike Morris (pg. 4, 5, 6)
What the State is Not, by Murray Rothbard (pg. 6)
What is Voluntaryism? , with Jim Davidson (pg. 7)
Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Socialists , non-aggressive parenting column by
Melissa Rajkovich (pg. 7, 9)
When the News is the New News , Article by Paotie Dawson (pg 8, 9)
What is the immigration solution?, opinion piece by Steve Long (pg. 10)
Do you smell smoke? , article by Joel Aigner (pg. 11)
Healthcare Sucks, Trump, You’re Fired! column by Jesse Wroe (pg. 12)
Abolition 1854: The Original Free State Project , article by Jim Davidson (pg. 13)
What is Liberty?, Liberty 101 column By J.C. Simpson (pg. 14)
Trump a Kremlin Puppet? , A World at War Column by Will Porter (pg. 15, 16)
Frauds, Fakes, and Shills in the Liberty Movement , piece by Jeff Smith (pg. 16)