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July, 2017

Why I am Not a Patriot, article by Steve Long (p. 2)
Liberation Through Decentralization, article by Non Facies Furtum (p. 2, 3)
What We Can Learn From Crusoe on an Island, a Stagecoach, and Your Favorite Meal,
article by Scott Albright (p. 4, 5)

Bastiat, a Fine Political Economist, article by Mike Morris (p. 6-10)
A Critique of Mike Adams on Bitcoin “End Game”, article by Jim Davidson (p. 11, 12)
What is Voluntaryism?, by Steve Fazackerley (p. 12)
Civilization Requires Argumentation, article by Matthew Dewey (p. 13, 14)
On Legislation: Liberty Yields, Government Grows, Article by Nick Weber (p. 14, 15, 16)
Choice, or Public Education?, article by Terry McIntyre (p. 17)
The Sensations That Drive Economic Growth, article by Scott Albright (p. 18 - 20)
The Inexhaustible Nature of Wants and What Keeps Them In Check, article by Scott
Albright (p. 21-23)
Enemies, Right and Wrong: Is the Left a Necessary Enemy of Voluntaryists?,
Libertarian Sociology 101 column, by Richard G. Ellefritz, Phd (p. 24-26)
Physical Removal – Separating the Facts from the Perversions, Article by Jakob
Hörngren (p. 27, 28)