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Most of my production is based on a tangle of sculpture and photography.
The consequence is a quest of analogies between haptic space of volume
and optic space of picture.

This quest produces installations hybridizing materials and pictures from functional
and natural fields, borrowed from both archaic and contemporary elements.

These sculptural systems fragment and divert their original models as well as their codes,
in order to reformulate them in newly coded shapes, to decipher.

I am interested in tools used to build the picture, from the capture till the final production to
be shown, for their capacity to record and defer the matter by capturing it.
I use corruption processes of information: transposition, function disabling, hybridization.
I try to dismantle the logic of the objects so as to be able to rebuild them in a different way
using sculpture and photography. And to make assemblies oscillating between absurd
and nocturne, transcription and inefficient functionality.

These hybrid installations combining sculpture and picture contain their own organization,
codes and logic. They suggest systems without showing their internal mechanism.
Then they are open, like keys without locks.