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Quick Shout Outs
● To the guild members in The ALLiΔNCE of ØRØ, thanks for all your help putting this
● ou for helping to contribute to this document. You guys are the best!
○ Discord Server Link
○ We have a number of public rooms for community sharing, stop by and say hi!
● To all my fellow Mercs in the Merc Legends Discord Server, this content could also not
exist without your help
○ Discord Server Link
○ There are rooms for every Raid (broken up by Phase) and Territory Battle
Combat and Special Missions

Suggestions or Additions
● If you have any suggestions for team compositions or strategies, please join me (Anex)
in the Merc Legends discord server.
○ The channel is #sith_raid_guide
○ We are all about community collaboration at Merc Legends.
○ Our goal is simple: Help others elevate their game.
○ We would love to see you get involved and contribute!
○ Just @Anex when you join should you have any questions or wish to contribute
to this document

Before You Begin
Now...before you begin...BREATHE! This raid is a grind. With the exception of RJT’s resistance in
P1, we are going to live in the damage world of 500,000 to 2 million - RJT doing 2.5m to 5m just
for p1. This raid is designed such that posting 0’s is simply not going to fly. You will want all 50 of
your people participating in this so be prepared for the grind!

Reference Resources
● Raid Breakdown
○ Detailed description of the raid, skills, abilities, and all that pains us: [HERE]
○ Raid Update Release Notes [HERE] as of March, 12, 2018.
● McMole2 Discord Server and Youtube Channel
○ One of the best theory crafters in the game with guides on everything SWGOH
○ Youtube Channel: [HERE]
○ Discord Server: [HERE]
● RAID Teams - Characters You Want
○ Video - Raid Focus Teams: [HERE]
○ NEW (3/12) RAID Teams for your guild: [HERE]
● SirLoki Youtube Channel

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