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Phoenix Research & Development
(Quality of lifestyle for fully developed
mature/high societies)
Represented by an Energetic Athlete &
an Artist with Multiple Intellectuals
Address: North 13 East 4. Sapporo.
Hokkaido Japan
PostCode: 0650013
Final Call Spacial-Proposal | Facebook

To whom may concern,

Scheme of this proposal : Saving You Guys from Dead-End Catastrophic and Devastating
Situations due to Endless Natural Disasters by my theory with your cooperation. It's little too late
but we should never give up hence this is an urgent First-Aid in terms of a Socioeconomic
empirical methodology.

Hello over there, is your profession going well? I wish you have been so far but there
have been scattering many contingencies of Human-made / Nonhuman-made tragic events around
the world on a daily basis so far since especially around the end of last year according to daily
News programs and my decade long data research.
I am a Bel Canto Musicologist / Tenor and a Multiple Intellectual who would like to direct /
produce a holly beautiful Christmas Recital at one of Major Church/Cathedrals or Trinity Church
(Manhattan) or Notre-Dame de Paris in this year, in order to ease human predicaments and build
trust for fighting against current catastrophic situations (i.e. We need strong bonding and belief to

deal with those issues in order to achieve certain efficacy of workforce by multidisciplinary
professional unification). Therefore I would like you to ask for mutual cooperation of Holly Recital
with pragmatic message of Global issues (i.e. There have been meaninglessly reiterated the word
of "Global issues" which, it seems to me, was "Excusable Red-tape and Moral Hazard alike" public
relations since I wasn't remember. However recently they have been shutting up their
mouth voluntarily so that it makes me so nervous since then) for Special Project's Team Bonding
and Serious P.R, in order people who have been nothing to do with catastrophic current situation
to be imprinted positive future visions by our movement must be, which I think necessary.

How would I like you to cooperate with Holly Christmas Concert as follows:

1) We need at least two months preparation for each members (viz. Local Orchestral, Local
Choirs, a Conductor and Me) and at least four session's rehearsals with full members.
Therefore you must arrange opportunities for me to talk with them to convince temporal
cooperations for Holly Christmas Performance voluntarily and/or with commission as soon as
possible. Or maybe we might be able to produce Christmas Concert with Only piano
accompaniment therefore we can minimize risk of Christmas Concert's "Calling-Off". Anyway,
"Seeing is believing".

2) Once we have made an agreement, you must promise full of cooperation with me and for
this project's promotion as a business deal by arranging me to have nice opportunities of Bel
Canto performances at various TV studios, at various types of events, opera houses/classic
concert halls, and church/cathedrals (World is Bel Canto's Oyster... Could you bring us to
"vignoble de Chablis" at the day of recital?), and maybe we can produce small-size of recitals until
the day of Christmas Concert so that we can efficiently passing diagnostic previsional information
of this project toward people who have been suffering anxieties (i.e. We could make a virtue
of those activities). By doing those efforts as many as possible, our Christmas concert will be
very motivated at the day of Christmas (i.e. Those efforts will be able to be lasting almost eternally
not only in this year but also lasting forever iff we could make this movement to be so meaningful
for this blue planet by us and as new tradition by posterity).

3) I would like you and your company (i.e. I meant NewsCasters, Camera Crews, and so on) to join
business-presentation alike discussions in order to deal with Sponsorships and/or Investments
from optimal companies for this concert. And also I have my own "Saving Coral Reefs from
Bleaching project" which is related my ex-family's businesses so I need your company's
brand/popularity to encourage investment / sponsorship from not only companies where have been
working with my ex-family's businesses approximately 100 years but also from your local
commerce. Therefore we do not have to too much worry about scarcity of budgets (running cost)
beforehand because I know which companies are suited for this project to permit investments
and/or sponsorships in order to keep our movement as much clean as possible. It is very important
for healthy organizations and well-organized events planing that I know of.

4) Secure Accommodation and Kitchen (i.e I must required of healthy daily time-spending for
leading team's motivation toward to right after the surface otherwise I can not deliver multitasks
with Professional quality).

What would I like to offer you at this time as follows:

1) Bel Canto Performance. Maybe this is going to help you to understand visually and sensorily
(Luciano Pavarotti - Natale a Notre-Dame - Montreal, 1978), which I think, it's the best Christmas
Concert ever. So we would love to try to get over Legendary Christmas Concert in this year.

2) Serious Solutions for current catastrophic situations environmentally & economically in both
ways by spacial unification with social engagements viz. Christmas Concert, consultancy for
innovative green entrepreneurship, talk show style open debates, panel talk at conferences, and
maybe new TV programs, if you like.
3) Other Socioeconomic projects
*Notification : I am going to ask cooperation of this Christmas Holly Concert Project to Major
Church/Cathedrals or Trinity Church (Manhattan) or Notre-Dame de Paris and those cites' News
Media-companies as a spacial gift in 2017 however I can only provide Bel Canto Performance to
One Church/Cathedral (i.e. I mean I might be able to provide performance to hundred of stages by
using technological devises but I can sing for only one local area on Christmas day per year by
only myself) therefore naturally we will start to seriously care about only one of environmental
issues which are prioritized by each one of events.

I have been analyzing major international news agents for several years in order for rationalize
own Socioeconomic theory to neither be one of conservative obstinate old fashion junk
theory nor one of childish liberalistic one-time only shake-hands. And this September is the time
for act correctly and optimally because of awkward hurricanes and endless natural disasters
without solutions. Therefore I have very confidence to offer you this "Game Changing" opportunity
which is allowed us to share the burden conditionally and us to take our responsibility seriously
for our bright future (and for our benefits, of course).

Moreover you should little care about your local environment and local people with spacial
community engagements ( which I have been suggesting to you right now ) more than ever
because global issues are derived from various types of local issues. So let's me try to make you
believe and let's us try new challenge for own pleasure.
Utilitarianism ~ "Maximize pleasure and Minimize pain"

Sincerely Yours.

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