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Let the Readers


Let the Readers Understand!
Copyright ⓒ 2012 by Soon-Bang Kang
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced
in any form without written permission.
Orignal Korean edition published in Korea by Great Faith Publications.
First published in Korea under the title of 읽는 자는 깨달을 찐저!
Published in Great Faith Publications
(A Division of Great Faith Church),
111-13 Nobell bldg.,
NonHyun-dong, GangNam-gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Translated by Jennifer Seo
Cover by Jin Hee Kim
ISBN 978-89-93363-87-6
ISBN 7-93573-87941-7
First Printing, October 2012
Printed in Republic of Korea

Let the Readers

by Soon-Bang Kang

To Respected Pastors and Saints
in the Korean Church!

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is SoonBang Kang. I am a scientist at the Korea Institute of Science and
Technology. I study scientific knowledge through observable facts, and
I am also a believer who loves God and desires to stand upright in the
word of Truth. So in all conscience, I held my pen in order to let the truth
be known of the things I have seen and heard.
I am not a member of Great Faith Church. I am a deacon of a
Presbyterian church that has a half-a-century history and is affiliated with
Tong-Hap (Presbyterian) Denomination.
However, I fully support Great Faith Church and I have much respect
for Pastor Seung Woo Byun. I am learning much through him. Pastor
Seung Woo Byun was voted to be a heretic at the 94th general assembly
of Tong-Hap Denomination in 2009. He was banned from participation
and exchange with the majority of other denominations.


Had I not known Great Faith Church or Pastor Seung Woo Byun, I
would have respected the decision of these denominations. I would have
excluded Pastor Seung Woo Byun and actively forewarned everyone I
know that Great Faith Church is a cult. That is because I know well that
anyone who falls into a cult would not only ruin oneself, but eternally go
to hell.
However, I say in all Christian conscience that Great Faith Church is
being falsely accused by these denominations. If the ‘Report by TongHap Investigation and Research Subcommittee Against Heresy’ is
true, then Pastor Seung Woo Byun is a heretic. Only if the report is true
and not fabrications! However, this report is a compilation of numerous
lies that are floating around on the Internet. With many of the details
distorted intentionally, it is full of ignorant biases and prejudices. Based
upon such poor evidences, pastors who have attended the Tong-Hap
general assembly have determined that Pastor Seung Woo Byun is a
heretic. Even now, the reality is that many of the churches are going
along with this wrong decision.
What is happening here is clearly wicked and unrighteous, and one
cannot but feel thoroughly indignant at this. Since 2007, I have attended
conferences and prayer meetings of Great Faith Church and have read
books by Pastor Seung Woo Byun. I have been greatly blessed. I know
the church very well and also know well that the ‘Report by Tong-Hap
Investigation and Research Subcommittee Against Heresy’ is a total
lie. This is very unrighteous and a great sin before God.
Such false accusation of heresy is a clear spiritual act of murder.


Through this act, too many believers of Great Faith Church have been
wrongfully forced into divorce, expelled, fired, refused admission to
schools, assaulted, threatened with divorce, and painfully refused of
seeing their own children. And too many people are being deprived
of the precious opportunity to be blessed and learn from Great Faith
Church. What a great loss from the perspective of the Kingdom of God!
Such reality is very frustrating.
Seeing the reality of the Korean Church where unrighteousness
dominates, and lies become truth and truth becomes lies, I wrote this
book even though I am just a layman. I just could not sit still when my
Christian conscience is so provoked.
Even in any secular court, when prosecutors are not able to present
rational substantial evidence or when the presented proofs are revealed
as false, the judge will pronounce the accused as innocent. That is a fair
However, when the unrighteous prosecutor with an ill intent, made
distorted false evidences to prosecute Pastor Seung Woo Byun, the
judge did not even give him any opportunity to contest or defend himself
but reached the unrighteous verdict unilaterally as was intended by the
prosecutor. Just like the false prosecutor, that judge is clearly a person
whose conscience is seared. Who are these prosecutor and judge? They
are the Tong-Hap Investigation and Research Subcommittee Against
Heresy‚ and even the Tong-Hap general assembly will not be free from
this responsibility.
How can this be done by a denomination that ought to be an example


of God’s justice to the world, especially as it is a mega-denomination that
prides itself of being the firstborn of the Korean Church? Shouldn't they
be ashamed?
What is the identity of the Tong-Hap Denomination, which has
denounced a biblical church and has committed spiritually murder
while at the same time being at the forefront of the WCC’s Ecumenical
Movement and even actively engaging in open conversations with other
religions? (Note: WCC’s Ecumenical Movement is opposed by the
majority of the evangelical churches since it promotes unity among all
Christian denominations that have different doctrines of salvation.)
Observe carefully the ‘Research Report on Great Faith Church
(Pastor Seung Woo Byun)’‚ the bill of indictment presented by the
Tong-Hap Investigation and Research Subcommittee Against
Heresy. And I plead with you sincerely to read my defense that proves-using the clear truth and the Word of God--that the bill is false from start
to finish. Be the conscientious judge so that you can decide on the truth
yourself. I wish that your eyes will be open to the truth, and that instead
of being passive and silent, you would be the just and courageous voice.
I wrote this conscientiously as a believer who knows the reality of
Great Faith Church, not just widespread rumors, even though I am not
its member. Therefore, I beg you to lay down your biases that may have
been formed through groundless rumors floating around the Internet,
and read this writing with an open heart.
Since I believe that the Korean Church consists of many pastors and
believers with good conscience who are in right standing with God, in


justice and in truth, I pray sincerely that all of us will participate together
in the ministry of God in one Holy Spirit as the truth is well established.

“…God our Savior‚ who desires all men to be saved and to
come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4)


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