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Welcome to ‘10 DAY DETOX’ from ‘The Fit, Healthy and Happy Hub’.
What this book will help you do…
This Ebook will help you to have a better understanding of Clean Eating and
what detoxification is. It will also provide you with a 10 Day Detox eating
guide and corresponding recipes.
What this book won’t help you do…

It won’t help you if you were thinking by detoxing it meant that you would
be drinking nothing but water and juices. This Ebook is not about dieting or
starving yourself, it’s about changing your lifestyle and removing foods from
your diet that contain toxins.
Regular detoxing will help to strengthen your immune system’s function and
fight off infections. Toxins affect your body's natural ability to burn fat, leading to weight gain. ... Detoxing will rid the body of toxins stored in fat cells
and increase your metabolism.
As it says on the cover, this programme is ‘Clean, Green and Gets You Lean.
Remember guys, nothing tastes as good as Fit, Healthy and Happy feels.