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Kadesh - Kiddush

‫ַקדֵ שׁ‬
The first cup of wine is poured and the Kiddush is
When the festival occurs on Shabbat, say first "The sixth
The sixth day. And the heavens and the earth and all
their hosts were completed. And on the seventh day
G-d finished His work which He had made, and He
rested on the seventh day from all His work which He
had made. And G-d blessed the seventh day and made
it holy, for on it He rested from all His work which G-d
created to make.
When the festival begins on a weekday begin here:
Attention Gentlemen.
Blessed are You, L-rd, our G-d, King of the universe,
who creates the fruit of the vine.1


‫בְּ ַשׁבָּ ת מַ ְת ִחילִ ין‬
‫וַ י ְִהי עֶ ֶרב וַ י ְִהי ֹב ֶקר‬
.‫אָרץ וְ כָל ְצבָ ַָאם‬
ֶ ָ‫ ַו ְיכֻלּוּ הַ ָשׁ ַמיִם וְ ה‬.‫יוֹם הַ ִשּׁ ִשּׁי‬
‫יעי ְמלַאכְ תּ ֹו אֲ ֶשׁר עָ ָשׂה‬
ִ ‫קים בַּ יוֹם הַ ְשּׁ ִב‬
ִ ֱ‫וַ ְיכַל א‬
.‫יעי ִמכָּל ְמלַאכְ תּ ֹו אֲ ֶשׁר עָ ָשׂה‬
ִ ‫וַ יּ ְִשׁבֹּת בַּ יוֹם הַ ְשּׁ ִב‬
‫יעי וַ י ְַקדֵּ שׁ אוֹת ֹו‬
ִ ִ‫קים אֶ ת יוֹם הַ ְשּׁב‬
ִ ֱ‫ א‬‫וַ יְבָ ֶר‬
.‫קים לַעֲ שׂוֹת‬
ִ ֱ‫כִּ י ב ֹו ָשׁבַ ת ִמכָּל ְמלַאכְ תּ ֹו אֲ ֶשׁר ֶָבּ ָרא א‬

:‫בַּ חוֹל מַ ְת ִחילִ ין‬
‫סַ בְ ִרי ָמ ָרנָן וְ ַרבָּ נָן וְ ַרבּו ַֹתי‬

‫ הָ ע ֹולָם‬ֶ‫הֵ ינוּ מֶ ל‬ ֱ‫ אַ ָתּה יי א‬‫בָּ רוּ‬
.‫בּו ֵֹרא פְּ ִרי הַ גָפֶ ן‬

The four cups parallel the four expressions in the Torah which describe our freedom from Egypt. The first
cup, which also serves as Kiddush, parallels "I will take you out," when Hashem helped us recognize that we
were Egyptian Jews, and not Jewish Egyptians. This is the essence of Kiddush sanctification - the realization
that the Jewish People play a unique role in this world. The Haggada, the story of our physical exodus from
Egypt, is recited over the second cup, symbolizing our physical salvation, which is parallel to "I will save you."
A person is a slave to his physical needs. When the people were fed by Hashem in the wilderness, as we are
today in a less miraculous manner, they were liberated from the shackles of the physical world in order to
concentrate on loftier matters. Birkas HaMazon, the blessings which remind us that Hashem provides for our
sustenance, is recited over the third cup, paralleling "I will redeem you" - the goal of the Exodus was the
formation of a unique relationship with Hashem. Hallel is recited over the fourth cup. Hallel is the praise we
bestow on Hashem, recognizing that He said "I will take you to be My nation."(Rabbi Milevsky, Ohr