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Blessed are You, G-d, our G-d, King of the universe,
who has chosen us from among all people, and raised
us above all tongues, and made us holy through His
commandments. And You, G-d, our G-d, have given us
in love (On Shabbat add: [Shabbats for rest and])
festivals for happiness, feasts and festive seasons for
rejoicing (On Shabbat add: [this Shabbat-day and]) the
day of this Feast of Matzot and this Festival of holy
convocation, the Season of our Freedom (On Shabbat
add: [in love]), a holy convocation, commemorating
the departure from Egypt. For You have chosen us and
sanctified us from all the nations,2 and You have given
us as a heritage Your holy (On Shabbat add: [Shabbat
and]) Festivals (On Shabbat add: [in love and favor]),
in happiness and joy. Blessed are You, G-d, who
sanctifies (On Shabbat add: [the Shabbat and]) Israel
and the festive seasons.

When the festival falls on Saturday night add the
following BEFORE the blessing "Who has granted us

Blessed are You, G-d, our G-d, King of the universe,
who creates the lights of fire.
Blessed are You, G-d, our G-d, King of the universe,
who makes a distinction between sacred and profane,
between light and darkness, between Israel and the
nations, between the seventh day and the six workdays. You have made a distinction between the


‫ אֲ ֶשׁר בָּ חַ ר‬,‫ הָ ע ֹולָם‬ֶ‫הֵ ינוּ מֶ ל‬ ֱ‫ אַ ָתּה יי א‬‫בָּ רוּ‬
‫בָּ נוּ ִמכָּל עָ ם וְ רו ְֹממָ נוּ ִמכָּל לָשׁוֹן וְ ִק ְדּ ָשׁנוּ‬
:‫הֵ ינוּ בְּ אַהֲ בָ ה )בְּ ַשׁבָּ ת‬ ֱ‫ וַ ִתּ ֶתּן לָנוּ יי א‬.‫בְּ ִמ ְצו ָֹתיו‬
‫ַשׁבָּ תוֹת לִ ְמנוּחָ ה‬
‫וּ(מוֹעֲ ִדים‬
‫ חַ גִּים‬,‫לְ ִשׂ ְמחָ ה‬
,‫וּזְ מַ נִּים לְ ָשׂשׂוֹן‬
‫אֶ ת יוֹם )הַ ַשׁבָּ ת‬
(‫הַ זֶה וְ אֶ ת יוֹם‬
,‫חַ ג הַ מַ צוֹת הַ זֶה‬
ֵ ֵ‫ח‬
‫זְ מַ ן‬
‫ ִמ ְק ָרא‬,(‫)בְּ אַהֲ בָ ה‬
,‫ֹקדֶ שׁ‬
.‫יציאַת ִמ ְצ ָריִם‬
ִ ִ‫ל‬
‫כִּ י בָ נוּ בָ חַ ְר ָתּ‬
‫ )וְ ַשׁבָּ ת( וּמוֹעֲ דֵ י‬,‫וְ או ָֹתנוּ ִק ַדּ ְשׁ ָתּ ִמכָּל הָ עַ ִמּים‬
‫( בְּ ִשׂ ְמחָ ה וּבְ ָשׂשׂוֹן‬,‫ )בְּ אַהֲ בָ ה וּבְ ָרצוֹן‬‫ָק ְד ֶש‬
.‫ִהנְ חַ לְ ָתּנוּ‬
.‫ ְמ ַקדֵּ שׁ )הַ ַשׁבָּ ת וְ (י ְִשׂ ָראֵ ל וְ הַ זְּ מַ נִּים‬,‫ אַ ָתּה יי‬‫בָּ רוּ‬
:‫בְּ מוֹצָ אֵ י ַשׁבָּ ת מו ִֹסיפִ ין‬

‫ בּו ֵֹרא ְמאו ֵֹרי‬,‫ הָ ע ֹולָם‬ֶ‫הֵ ינוּ מֶ ל‬ ֱ‫ אַ ָתּה יי א‬‫בָּ רוּ‬
.‫הָ אֵ שׁ‬
‫ הָ ע ֹולָם הַ מַ בְ ִדיל בֵּ ין‬ֶ‫הֵ ינוּ מֶ ל‬ ֱ‫ אַ ָתּה יי א‬‫בָּ רוּ‬
,‫ בֵּ ין י ְִשׂ ָראֵ ל לָעַ ִמּים‬,‫חשׁ‬
ֶ ְ‫ ין אוֹר ל‬,‫ֹקדֶ שׁ לְ חֹל‬
‫ בֵּ ין ְקדֻ ַשּׁת‬.‫יעי לְ ֵשׁ ֶשׁת יְמֵ י הַ מַּ עֲ ֶשׂה‬
ִ ִ‫בֵּ ין יוֹם הַ ְשּׁב‬
‫ וְ אֶ ת יוֹם‬,‫ַשׁבָּ ת לִ ְקדֻ ַשּׁת יוֹם טוֹב ִהבְ ַדּלְ ָתּ‬

On Pesach night it is insufficient to say that Hashem brought us close in order to serve Him. We must also
say that this night is different from all other nights. We must ask: Why do we eat matzah on this night? Why
do we eat maror on this night? Why do we dip twice on this night? Why do we recline on this night? In
essence, we are asking why is this night different? If the night is different, then it means that there is a unique
K'dushat Hayom, sanctity of the day. The Kiddush says just that, and more; it relates to two aspects of
chosenness: The selection of Bnai Yisrael and separation from the other nations, and the special K'dushat
Hayom - this night, intrinsically, is endowed with unique Kedusha and is different from all other nights. The
K'dushat Hayom of Pesach night requires that we perform various Mitzvot that we do not perform any
other time of year. Thus, while Beit Shammai and Beit Hillel (as quoted in the Mishna) refer to making a
Bracha on the wine and on the day, The Rambam stipulates that we say Bore Pri Hagafen and then make a
Bracha on the Kiddush Hayom, in order to stress that on Pesach night Kiddush is not simply a blessing, but
rather we are declaring the unique, intrinsic sanctity of the night prior to reciting the Haggadah. Kiddush on
Pesach night is, indeed, an integral part of the Haggadah. (Rabbi Ari Kahn, Od Yosef Chai Haggadah, quoting
Rav Soloveitchik)