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Crest Link produces and markets golf apparel and golf accessories which have become
popular in many countries.
Crest Link offers a wide selection of fashionable clothing suitable for tropical and temperate
climates. CREST LINK apparel uses imported microfibre material from Taiwan made from
high quality yarn, under the registered trademark of MICRO DRI. It offers efficient moisture
absorption and evaporation, smooth feel and is lighter compared to other materials.
Design in trendy colors and fashionable styles, Crest Link is now the leading golf apparel in
various markets around the world!
We believe in providing unique, high quality garments that combine functionality with
aesthetic appeal making them a sure hit with customers around the globe.

Micro-Dri is a technology, built into the microfibre material
that is engineered for performance. It works by wicking
away sweat and moisture, keeping the wearer cool and
lowers body temperature. This technology is included in all
Crest Link performance apparel.

Micro-Dri UV provides protection against UV rays of UPF
30+. It complies with international standards, whilst
providing all of the functions of Micro-Dri.

Micro-Dri A-Vent provides the new “Air- Ventilation system”
with ventilated fabric at strategic parts of the shirt. The AVent system keeps you cool and dry for a comfortable feel
before, during and after the game.

Crest Link COMP.TECH is designed to increase blood
flow to the arms, reduce muscle soreness and
fatigue. Comp.Tech consists of a mix of material
technologies such as the Micro-Dri and Micro-Dri UV. This
combination of materials promises quick moisture
evaporation as well as protection from the harmful UV rays.