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Chapter 817, relating to fraudulent practices, false pretenses, fraud generally, and credit
card crimes.
You have engaged in a deliberate, willful, malicious, and continuous campaign to
destroy Perla Group International, Inc. and Mr. D'Alberto using various wrongful and
illegal means.
These wrongful and illegal means include, but are not limited to defamation, interfering
with business relations, stalking, harassment, fraud, obstruction of justice and other
wrongful, tortuous, unlawful and illegal means.
These actions by you cost Perla Group International, Inc., among other damages, many
of millions of dollars in lost business, lost stock market value, loss of reputation, and
loss of damages in court proceedings, along with personal damages from deliberate
infliction of emotional distress, stalking, threats to personal safety, damage to
reputation, and other harm.
You have spent a huge amount of time over a period of years to disrupt, defame and
destroy Perla Group International, Inc. and Mr. D'Alberto by any means possible legal
and illegal including, but not limited to, defamation, fraud, interference with business
relations, stealing evidence, bribing employees, and, constant stalking and harassment,
costing Perla Group International, Inc. and Mr. D'Alberto more than $50 million in lost
business and actual damages in addition to damage to reputation.

Summary of the Facts
You have damaged Perla Group International, Inc. and Charles D'Alberto repeatedly by
numerous criminal acts of fraud, cyberstalking, defamation and interference with
business relations, among others.
You have caused to be posted on Internet countless defamatory statements. These
statements contain so many falsehoods that a full documentation of their lies would take
a very long time. Suffice it to say that you are well aware of your defamation and frauds.
Years ago you started on an unrelenting, malicious and criminal campaign to destroy
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