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Method of cleaning white plaster
1. We pour half a cup of soda bicarbonate into a juice pack, like ketchup or mustard, where soda
bicarbonate helps remove stubborn stains and water stains.
2 - Then add a quarter cup of oxygen water as it is cleaning and polishing.
3 - Add 1 teaspoon liquid, and then shake the container to mix well.
4. Make the solution settle on the plaster for at least 5 minutes, then wipe the mixture with a damp
sponge and rinse the place with water to remove any residue.
5. If the spot remains, repeat the process again until the plaster is clean.
6 - Do not store this solution so it must be used directly and get rid of the rest or invest to clean the
kitchen basin well.
7. Rubber gloves should be used, although oxygen water is safe to use, but can cause dryness on the top
of the fingers and should not touch the eyes.
8. To prevent discoloration, gypsum must be closed once a year to protect against accumulation of
stains and dirt.
Method of cleaning the white curtains
1 - Keep away from the use of incendiary chemicals such as chlorine in the washing of white curtains
because they enter the white tissue and deal with it harshly leading to the end of life.
2 - We use lemon washing is one of the best cleaning methods ( ‫) شركة تنظيف‬, we make a mixture of salt
and lemon by half a cup with the powder used in washing.
3. The curtains will become white after washing with the mixture.
4. Color laundry should not be placed with curtains at the same time, preferably washed separately so
as not to be affected by the white color of the curtains.
Method of cleaning the fireplace with lemon salt
1 tablespoon of liquid soap for cleaning.
2 teaspoons of baking soda.
3 teaspoons lemon salt
4 ‫ لتر‬liters of water
5- Spray bottle

Method used:
1. Put all the material inside the bottle and let it well mix all the ingredients together well.
2. Leave the mixture for a full hour before use until the ingredients fully react with each other before
3. Brush the surface and sides of the well with this mixture.
4 - Wear gloves when using lemon salt so as not to affect the skin and make it crack and must be
sprayed away from the solution so as not to affect the eyes because it causes eye sensitivity.
The method of cleaning burns of burns
1 - We use sodium bicarbonate as it has the ability to remove the severe burns and dirt on any surface
by making dough by adding water and we rub all parts of the of the stems and eyes and sides of the wire
rough well.
2 - We use solvent for fat and strong and effective with the rough wire.
3. Then put the salt of the lemon on the dirty surface and remove it with warm water and a piece of
coarse wire.
After finishing, we wipe with a wet cloth so that the water does not enter the potage and cause damage.
How to clean the fat of fat
1- Sprinkle the stains and fat on the surface of with white vinegar then leave it for five minutes and then
wipe it with a piece of dry clean cloth @ https://www.cleaningcompanyapartmentshouses.com/
2 - Bring a liter of warm water and add a large spoon of baking powder and leave it for at least ten
minutes at least and wipe clean sponge to remove the remnants of food on the surface such as milk and
3. Ammonia can be used to clean the surface of the potage from any residue of fat by scattering it on
the surface and rubbing it with an old toothbrush and then cleaning the pot with dry sponge.
4 - Can be placed enough salt of the food on the fatty spots and hot water and leave it for a minute and
then wipe dry clean cloth cut and this way to remove fat too.
Method of cleaning the refrigerator
1 - We disconnect the electricity from the refrigerator and unload all the contents, and get rid of the
remnants of any food may be corrupt or have a strange smell, and cover the food well in sealed boxes.

2 - We remove all the shelves and any parts can be dismantled and i nstalled inside the refrigerator, then
washed with lemon or vinegar water, and rinsed well, and then leave it several minutes to dry
3. Care should be taken to clean the last drawer in the refrigerator due to the pool of water or ice
residue, which causes the refrigerator to smell bad.
4. Plastic mattresses can be used to cover refrigerator shelves to facilitate cleaning.
5. Use odor absorbent substances by placing sodium bicarbonate soda or dry oats or coffee in the
middle of the refrigerator to absorb any unpleasant odors, and you can place cubes of charcoal on the
refrigerator shelves to get rid of any unpleasant smell.

6. If bad odors are strong, the yeast can be used by diluting it with water, then spray it on the
refrigerator shelves after removing the food. Leave it for half an hour and then wipe it with a damp
cloth. All odors will disappear completely.
After cleaning, we return the contents of the refrigerator and arrange it, putting the foods that are
about to expire in front of the consumption before the date set.
8. Place the smelling foods in sealed plastic containers or cover the dishes with nylon before placing
them in the refrigerator.
9 - Be careful to clean any spill immediately - especially when spilled milk - before falling on the other
contents of the refrigerator, which leads to the emergence of unpleasant odors to keep the refrigerator
cleaner for longer.
10. Always take care to pack the food before putting it, and follow the expired foods and disposal, and
after cleaning the refrigerator can be cleaned with a little water added to the fresh flannel to give the
refrigerator a nice smell.

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