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“Jim Stone”
Compiled By: Merit Freeman
► REAL NAME: James Milford Heikkila
► HEIGHT: 5’11”
► WEIGHT: 200 Pounds
► ETHNICITY: White / Caucasian / Asiatic Indian / Arab
► HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown / Black
► EYE COLOR: Brown
► DATE OF BIRTH: March 13, 1966
► PLACE OF BIRTH: Hartford, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
► PARENTS: Sharon & Richard Heikkila [Step Parents]
► BROTHER: Richard “Ricky” Heikkila [Older By 1 Year]
► CURRENT LOCATION: León, Guanajuato, Mexico
- Acapulco, Mexico
- California, USA
- La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
- Maryland, USA
- Massachusetts, USA
- Montreal, Canada
- Orem, Utah, USA
- Payson, Utah, USA
- Provo, Utah, USA
- River Falls, Wisconsin, USA
- Spanish Fork, Utah, USA
- Vancouver, Canada
► WIFE #1: Lorianna Hostuch [now Lorianna Young]
- Divorced in Wisconsin. She filed in 1993 and it was finalized in February 1994
- Member of the Church Of Jesus Christ / Latter Day Saints

- He tried to murder her and her unborn baby while she was pregnant
- She is still in contact with his parents
► WIFE #2: Caroline [maiden name unknown]

► WIFE #3: Latha Prabhakar / Latha Palani
- From India
- Divorced in Utah on August 27, 2001 [he filed]
- Latha & James have 1 daughter together
- James adopted Latha’s son, Isaiah, who is from a previous relationship
- Member of the Church Of Jesus Christ / Latter Day Saints
► ► DATE OF BIRTH: September 11, 1996
► ► PLACE OF BIRTH: Payson, Utah [Mountain View Hospital]
► ► SON [ADOPTED]: Isaiah Heikkila
► WIFE #4: Ayesha Mohammed [a.k.a. “Sarah Stone”]
- James converted to Islam during their marriage, taking the name “Annas Heikkila”
- James sprayed her with pepper spray when she told him that she was leaving him & was
charged with second degree assault and domestic violence
► WIFE #5: Claudia Garcia
- She is of Mexican & Jewish descent
- Her father is a retired lawyer with a lot of pull in the local Mexican community
- They currently live together in Mexico
► CHILDHOOD: Jewish mother abandoned him as a toddler [age 3 or 4]

Grew up in foster care under wealthy Jewish parents, until he aged out of the
“Heikkila” is his foster care last name [birth name unknown]
► EDUCATION: Prescott High School
1220 St Croix Street
Prescott, WI 54021-1042
► GRADUATED: Class of 1983
► NOTES: Played contrabass in the ‘Rivermen Drum and Bugle Corps,’ which was ranked #25
in the nation during his senior year of high school.
► WORK: United State Army
Communications Analyst
Discharged in 1991
► WORK: Pizza Delivery Man
► WORK: Geneva Steel
Mill Worker
Vineyard, Utah
[UNKNOWN] – 2001
► WORK: Sold, Rented & Stocked Vending Machines
► WORK: Musician
Ended in 2003
► Claims to have been an ‘MOS33Q10: Electronic Warfare Intercept Strategic Signal
Processing / Storage Systems Specialist’ with above-top-secret clearance at the NSA
- Absolutely no proof to substantiate this claim
- Numerous requests for verification from the NSA have yielded no results of his prior

- Such a designation has never existed within the NSA
- The closest designation is “33Q MOS,” but that is Army, not NSA
- His Ex-wife Lori says that he was in the U.S. Army working in “Communications,” not the
► Claims the U.S. government denied him a passport because he is an NSA whistle-blower
- Real reason is because his court-ordered child support payments were in arrears in excess of
► Claims to have been arrested & held for 6 days without charge in September 2011 in response
to his Fukushima report
- There is no legal record or paper trail of this actually occurring
► Charged with second degree assault in Maryland in 2011
- He emptied a can of pepper spray into the eyes of then-wife Ayesha Mohammed
► Owns land, multiple vehicles and a house in Mexico, all of which were paid for by his
► Ex-wife Lorianna says that he is wanted by the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security and
the state of Wisconsin.
► WEBSITES: Stone Bound [2001]
Jim Stone: Freelance Photographer [2008]
Budget Camera Review [2013]
Jim Stone Freelance [2014]
► Reports from Rhea Zecchino, his 52-year-old former female neighbor in Mexico:
[ http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1763299/pg1#33228732 ]
“This guy is my neighbor … One day, around the 1st week of July, he came out of
his room & asked me if I´d heard the firecrackers at 6:00 a.m. that morning. ‘Yup,
it´s Mexico,’ I replied. ‘No, it is a warning for me from the CIA. They want me to

know they know where I live.’ … When I speak to anyone, he thinks I am talking
about him. Jim speaks no Spanish … Jim is in Acapulco.”
[ http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1763299/reply33228961 ]
“He hates women. They are all ‘BITCHES’ … for any of you who fall for his crap
of his starving and living in the street, etc. and donate to him. He is building
something in his room, using power tools he buys brand new with your money.
Power saws, electric drills. I once watched him eat 2 kilos of hamburger on rolls
with tons of ketchup, all in 1 sitting. It was REALLY gross. He claimed his muscles
would double in size within a few hours. That was his reasoning for eating the 2
kilos. THAT is where all your donations go... power tools, radios, scanners, new
modems and tons of food … he pays someone to wash his clothes and eats out a
lot. So Jim really does need more money to keep up his lifestyle.”
[ http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1763299/reply33879436 ]
“how can I read anything he writes or take him seriously when he is such a drama
queen … He wrote a poem/threat about me. I think he is secretly in love with me
… Last Sunday, ‘The Jewish Princess’ [that’s my new pet name for Jim] went
running down the stairs yelling ‘THAT’S IT! I’M COMING BACK WITH THE
POLICE!’ I was in my bathroom, washing clothes & had no idea what JP was
babbling about. Then he never came back. Two days ago I began to worry, as JP
takes no precautions & could have drown or been mugged or something. I talked
with some neighbors about my concern. No one had seem him either. Yeah, I
definitely don´t like the guy, but I don´t hate anyone, even those who are rotten to
Later that night I looked on the internet & the 1st thing I read was an article …
about how I paid someone to try to kill him, so he is in hiding … I quote … ‘It is
the donations of those of you who read this web site that allowed me to get to a new
location and secure myself,’ BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. JP used me and that
ridiculous story to get all of your sympathy to send him more money. DO NOT
SEND HIM ANY MORE MONEY!!! He spends it on power tools, skill saws,
electric drills, air compressors, solar panels, electric fly swatters, shit he doesn’t
need. Kilos & kilos of hamburger. He eats whole chickens, 4 or 5 orders of tacos at
1 sitting, etc.
You are all enabling him to be a bum and to just sit around with his mental illness
buddies in his head, thinking up new weird stories to get attention AND MONEY
for doing nothing.
He is always tweeked out about something … he never laughs or smiles. He talks
to none of the neighbors. He has no friends. He is not normal. I helped him. I have

saved JP about 400 U.S. dollars a month & now he not only is trying to screw with
me, but use me to get more $$$ out of YOU!
Jim came to me on the street where I sell & said ‘Can you please help me or I´ll be
living in the street.’ So I helped him find a cheaper place. Now look what a mess
I’m in. I just want him to leave me ALONE! I´m sure he uses the dumpy apt
photos to get more donations of $$$ … Today he yelled to me, ‘Don’t worry. I
spoke with the FBI & they want you, but you are out of their jurisdiction, so you
are safe for now.’ Guess JP is thinking up some other way to screw me.
Jim is a proud member of ‘White Pride World Wide.’ Nice huh ... hate groups...
EWWWW. Yours Truly, Rhea, the 52 yr old woman ...”
[ http://thethrowaways.freeforums.net/post/857/thread ]
“I'm the neighbor, ex neighbor now, who initially helped him when he 1st landed
in Acapulco. Jim told me he has no family that he acknowledged or had contact
with. He told me he was born of a very young Jewish woman who gave him up for
adoption. He was adopted by Jewish parents in the Midwest. An only child, went to
the finest schools, etc. But once he decided all Jews were bad, he disowned his
adoptive parents, who by the way are filthy rich. No, Jim does not need your hard
earned money for his wealthy father's medical bills. From what he told me in 2013,
he hadn't been in contact with anyone in his family for many years.”
► Reports from his fourth wife, Ayesha Mohammed:
[ http://thethrowaways.freeforums.net/post/838/thread ]
“he is a narcissistic psychopath. He sprayed me because I told him I was leaving
him. He is absolutely fine with just sitting on his fat ass doing nothing and living
off donations than working for his burgers. I feel sorry for all the hard working
people who fall for his lies and donate!”
[ http://thethrowaways.freeforums.net/post/840/thread ]
“He is definitely NOT a Muslim, as he claims … he puts on any face and religion
per needed to milk your wallet! Women are easier prey! Especially foreigner
women who are not familiar with the American laws and systems so they easily fall
for his lies. He HATES American women because they are evil [know too much to
guarantee their rights!!]
He was abandoned by his parents at the age of 3 or 4 and was in foster homes until
16 or 17. ‘Heikkila’ is his foster name. He was tortured and abused and thus the
origin of his mental iillness and psychosis. He is a natural liar. He lies about his

education, jobs, ex-wives, arrests, etc. He has so many behavioral and
psychological issues because of his past that it is not safe to be around him.
He claims Jews stole his diplomas [to hide his illiteracy].
He claims his wife Latha took all his wealth and fortune in divorce settlement [to
hide his laziness]. He claims his ex-wife Caroline was on drugs. It's always
women's fault for the failure of a relationship with him. He is always right and he
only takes but never gives back as it is his right after all the society, women,
government, etc. have done to him!!
He is wanted in more than one state for charges of child support, insulting the
court, domestic violence and he is a fugitive in Mexico, most probably a parasite on
a good-hearted Latina, exploiting her emotionally and financially. He is a blackhole when it comes to taking free money. Sorry for all those who donate!”
[ http://thethrowaways.freeforums.net/post/843/thread ]
“some readers will continue falling for his lies. However, I remain hopeful, as I
saw some posts and research on him and his BS done by others and posted online.
His excuse for not working when he was in the U.S. was … he was wanted he
could not use his ID to get a job, but now in Mexico he is still milking the simple
people. Sad indeed!”
► Reports from his first wife, Lorianna Hostuch [now Lorianna Young]:
[ http://thethrowaways.freeforums.net/post/860/thread ]
“I am Jim Stone's AKA Jim M. Heikkila's first wife. I married him shortly after he
was discharged from the US Army. He is the adopted son of Sharon and Richard
Heikkila of Prescott Wisconsin. This man is mentally ill he's a psychotic sociopath.
Shortly after we married within a couple of months I was pregnant with Jim's first
child. He attacked me and almost killed both me and our unborn son. He was
arrested and the assault charges were reduced down to a misdemeanor. When I
divorced him finally in February of 1994 he was heading out to Utah. Last I heard
he married Latha Palani, with whom he also had a child with. Jim was a product
of the Wisconsin Social Services Foster Care System as a child. He and his
biological brother Ricky who lives in Idaho were adopted by Sharon and Dick
Heikkila. Both young men struggled as youth Jim the worst. I should have paid
attention to the red flags when I was dating him however I can say that I'm
fortunate I have a wonderful son from him. Who is my joy. This man is dangerous
in 2011 Homeland Security contacted me as they were looking for Jim at the time.
They warned my current husband and I to be very cautious and take great
protection over our son (who is now adopted by my current husband). They stated
Jim is involved in some pretty shady dealings, and has broken his oath in regards
to National Security. He stated to me he had top secret clearance in the US Army.
However I was surprised he didn't reenlist. Jim is wanted in the state of Wisconsin

for non-payment of Child Support felony charge. I caution everyone to be careful
dealing with him as he is a user and abuser and severely mentally unstable. Even
his parents will vouch for this.”

[ Via Email ]
“James Milford Heikkila is my former husband. I met him in 1991 through his bio
brother, Ricky, shortly after he was discharged from the U S Army, were he states
he had "top secret clearance". Jim, along with his bio brother, were adopted by
Richard and Sharon Heikkila of Prescott, WI. They are products of the WI Foster
Care System, until being adopted by Richard and Sharon at ages 3 and 4. Jim,
being the youngest. Three months after we were married, in 02/1993, we found out
we were expecting a baby. While pregnant with our child, Jim's emotions and
sanity spiraled out of control. He assaulted me and our unborn child, and he was
arrested. Charges were reduced to a misdemeanor, on the grounds he signed sole
custody of our unborn son over to me, with only county supervised visitations.
Thank goodness, my boss at the time was the County District Attorney. As soon as
his probation was done, he left the state of WI … good riddance. He refused to
work when we were married, but did take a job as a pizza delivery man at the age
of 27, when we found out we were pregnant. He moved to UT and was employed by
Geneva Steel, and married a Latha Palani, and had a child with her. That was the
only time I received spattered child support. There is a felony child support
warrant for him here in the state of WI. In 2008, Homeland Security contacted me
and my current husband [who has since adopted Jim's, our, son] and told us to
take extreme caution for the safety of our son, as Jim is a loose cannon, and is a
threat, now that he is an Islamic fanatic. Funny, he was raised Catholic, became
LDS to marry me, and his next wife, Latha, was also LDS. His parents are in their
80's and neither of them or any family member has heard from him since 1994. He
is extremely dangerous and was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and sociopath as a
teen, however years later, his parents stated to me they felt it wasn't their place to
tell me, or the U.S. Army, of his mental problems, before we were married or
before he entered the military. No matter, I have a wonderful son from him, but
grateful he has never even met, or has never even talked to, his bio father, Jim.
Any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Stay clear of this man. He is a
player, an abuser and medically diagnosed crazy, and wanted by Homeland
Security and the state of Wisconsin.”

[ Via Email ]
“You can go directly to CCAP, Wisconsin Circuit Court, which is public record.
Type his name in. It'll show the charges and the warrants. He never was with
NSA. He was discharged from the Army in 1991 or 1992. His job there was in

Communications, which does need a person to have what's called a "top secret
clearance," but he had the lowest level, from what I hear. It's been 26 years since
he's been in the military. He knows nothing of what it's like now. He has been
diagnosed as a schizophrenic and sociopath as a teenager, according to his
adopted parents. They felt it wasn't their place to tell me, or the U.S. Army, about
it, though. He is not that intelligent. He only has an IQ of 75 and he bragged about
it. His parents can also vouch for this. He's a great talker though, and makes
himself more than what he actually is. From what I can tell, he's been married five
times. He's on his fifth wife and lives in Mexico. These two pictures I found on the
internet. The pic of his passport was taken by his 4th ex-wife, I believe. He truly
literally is crazy, and abuser, and a user.”

[ Via Email ]
“Feel free to ask me any other questions. I just can't discuss the situation with
Department of Homeland Security. I have pictures. I believe I still have his DD214, birth certificate, marriage certificate, his baptism certificate into the MormonLDS Church, which he joined so that he could marry me. If you could share
information with me on what's going on, it would be nice to know. What I don't
understand is, I was told by child support office he would never be able to get a
passport because there's a federal felony out for him, for over $25,000 in back
child support owed to me. They don't prosecute because they don't have the money
to prosecute these types of cases. But I was told that he wouldn't be able to get a
passport, yet he did.... how about that... government bureaucracy at its finest...lol”

[ Via Email ]
“I'm still in contact with his parents. The only live 40 miles from me, and they are
in their 80’s. Jim causes them such heartache. I don't believe he's talked to
anybody in his family since around 1994. That's by his choice, though. He said
everybody is out to get him”

[ Via Email ]
“I cannot discuss anything further. If you have any questions or concerns, the
FBI is aware of him, aware of the situation, and please, refer any questions to the
FBI. There is a pending case on him. I am not at Liberty to discuss this any
further. Nor can I send documents. However, the Freedom of Information Act
allows you to request certain documents and information”

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