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Signal Jammer Perfectjammer Shop .pdf

Original filename: Signal Jammer - Perfectjammer Shop.pdf
Title: Signal Jammer Blockers Device High Quality Wholesale and Retail

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Welcome To Perfectjammer This Is A Professional Jammer Store, We Guarantee To Provide Your With The Highest Quality And The Cheapest
Price Products








What is the jammer?


Waterproof Jammers

Signal jammer is a device that blocks transmission or reception of signals, usually by
creating some form of interference at the same frequency ranges that cell phones use. It is

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Multifunction Jammers

Anti Tracking Jammers

Hidden Jammers

Mini Jammers

created to help people solve different problems coming from cell phones, radio signals
and wireless connections. Every kind of it is designed to work with a specific frequency
This equipment is manufactured to block signals in environments where cell phone
activity may not be desirable, such as theaters, churches, classroom, library and
operating rooms. Portable personal jammers are available to enable their owners to stop
others in their immediate vicinity from using cell phones
This kind of device can be divided into frequency, band and function according to jammer
attribute categories . You can find the jammer device according to your needs.

Price Range

$1 - $100

$101 - $300

$301 - 500

Bestseller Jammers
8 Bands Cell Phone GPS
WIFI Lojack Signals
This is one of the most popular handheld
jammers. It can block a variety of

More than $500

frequencies.Including all cell phone
signals, GPS, WIFI, Lojack, etc. This
product has a separate jammer band
switch that allows you to select the

Application Place

frequency band you want to block. Due to
its compact size, easy to carry and large
jammer range, this product is very popular
with customers.

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Educational Institutions
Students send text messages and
cheating is always repeated, in the face
of this annoying situation, educators
need to find an effective precautionary
mechanism to prevent these behaviors
from happening

Power Adjustable 8 Bands
Cell Phone Signal WiFi
GPS Jammer
High power 8 bands jammer can help your
to jam all cell phoner signal: 2G, 3G, 4G. In
addition your can also blocker with GPS,
WiFi. Can blocker signals within 40
meters, jamming fast, the effect is stable.
The output power can be adjusted, and the
blocker effect of each frequency band can
be adjusted independently.


Cinemas and theaters should have been
places where quietly enjoy the art, but
always some people will use the phone
to break the quiet here. At this time, we
should use some equipment to
safeguard their legitimate rights and
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5 Bands All GPS 2G 3G
4G Blocker Handheld
One of the most popular handheld
jammers in 2018. With a separate band
switch, can choose a variety of frequency
bands base on needs. Antenna can be
disassembled, easy to carry. Often used in
Conference Room

classrooms, conference rooms and other

Have you ever been interrupted by the
phone during the meeting? Does anyone
send a text message or play smart
phone during a meeting? You need an
effective means to stop these from

places. In addition to cell phone signals, it
can also block GPS and WIFI signals. The
scope of application is very wide and the
cost performance is very high.





Featured Jammer Device
In any case, prison supervision efforts
have to be strengthened. More and
more mobile phones are smuggled into
jail, and the obstruction between the
outside of the prison has been broken.
In order to curb this phenomenon, the
prison may need to introduce signal
jamming device

8341-G GPS Satellite Jammers
Device For Car

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The GPS jammers
can effective block
satellite signal, GPS
satellite positioning
tracking, protect
your location privacy

Hidden Type Photo Frame Style
Jammers Device CDMA GSM 3G 4G
Super hidden photo
frame type jammers,
built-in 7-bands
jamming device, can
block with the vast
majority of mobile

and personal

Latest Articles





The application of
Jammers is an instrument
used to prevent cellular
phones from receiving

Handheld Type Military Camouflage
Blocker All Mobile Phone LOJACK



Military tactical type
blocker has a
hidden appearance
design, has a strong
confused role. Each
band has a
separate control
button, the
frequency band can
be turned on or off
as needed


U Disk Hidden Type Anti-Tracking
GPS Jammer

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U disk type mini
GPS jammer,
modeling small and
hidden, can help
you with antitracking,Protect
your privacy. It is


Hidden Type 6 Bands High Power
Signal Blocker


What areas need to
use jammers?
In a bid to block access of
students to pornographic


This jammers uses
military camouflage
design, exquisite
appearance, high
quality. Can block 6
bands signals,
including all phone
signal, GPS and

How to work jammersJammer principle
The mobile jammer is a
device which transmits the
signals to the same

phone signals.
Applicable to
church, court, office
and other places



8341HA-4 Cell Phones Handheld
Jamming 2G 3G GPS
Use this 4 bands
jammer your can
effective jam Signal
from cell phone, 2G
signal at a radius of
20 meters

GSM disruptor

GPS scrambler

very convenient to
carry and you can
use it anytime and








New Signal Jammers
Like Page

EO-08-007 8 Bands J…

Desktop 6 Bands Adj…

16 Bands Power Adju…

The 8 bands Jammers has
a very large range of block,
can jamming a variety of
frequency bands

The desktop blocker
device has 6 bands to
jammer various signals.
Can jamming all mobile

The ultra high power
desktop jammers can
jamming 16 bands, has
high applicability

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about 2 months ago

With the development of
science and technology, the
popularity of uav is getting
higher and higher. More and
more people are using drones.
But there are big problems with
the regulation of drones.
Wiretaps, candid shots, and all
kinds of intrusions of privacy
and personal security. To deal
with this situation, you can
choose to use the drone


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6 Bands Handheld C…

This jamming device size is
very small, easy to carry.
Can interfere with 6 bands



Handheld GPS 2 Ban…

Desktop 4 Bands Mo…

EO-01 1 Band Vehicu…

This jammers can cover all
15-meter range of all
positioning terminals

The product can effectively
jamming the transmitter
and mobile phone



This GPS jammer can
block the GPS terminal to
receive signals, can be
used in car


Full Phone Frequenc…
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Mini Type Portable Si…



EO-P-101 Mobile Pho…

This jammers can cut the
full frequency signal of
phone and WiFi signal



This product is all used
patch and high-density
integrated circuits, with
advanced performance

This phone holster can
effectively jamming mobile
phone signals, can be
avoided being disturbed





Super High Power Bl…

Desktop 12 Bands Hi…

Desktop High Power…

The 14 bands jammers has
a large rang of jamming,
maximum blocker range up
to 70 meters

This 12 bands jammer
device has a good cooling
system, can long hours of
continuous work

The desktop jammers can
jam 12 bands, can block all
cell phone signal







5 Bands Power Adjus…
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This product has five kinds
of frequency band block
function, can jamming all
cell phone, WiFi



8341HA-4 Portable C…

EO-08-08 8 Bands Ja…

High Power Drone Ja…

Professional civilian
version jammers protable
that can help you protect
your privacy

Features: The use of slow
start circuit design to avoid
the mechanical switch

Portable high power
jammer have a large range
to jam drone, can quickly
jam rf drone





Desktop Drone RF Ja…
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