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digitalDRUMMER, May 2018

EUROPE’S BIGGEST MUSIC trade show has just wrapped up in
Frankfurt and there were two important features. One was
the launch of a new electronic drum line developed by German
music distributor GEWA and US acoustic drum maker DW.
As we report, GEWA flagged its intent to enter the e-drum
market half-a-dozen years ago, but now has what looks like an
impressive offering which it says will hit stores in the Northern
The second important aspect of MusikMesse was the
absentees. Roland, Pearl and Alesis were not represented,
while a number of big acoustic drum manufacturers were
similarly conspicuous by their absence.
Part of the reason is a shift in focus by the German show
organiser. A couple of years ago, it flagged its intention to
“broaden its focus”, moving away from a traditional trade
show and opening the doors to consumers. That move was an
attempt to re-invigorate an event which had been losing its
Many argued that Messe was shooting itself in the foot by
diluting its offering. The essence of a trade show is the ability
for manufacturers and distributors to speak directly to their
supply chain partners – in particular, to retailers. Trade shows
offer a secure environment for talking business, sharing future
plans and engaging with the people who ultimately determine
the success or failure of any new product: the retailers who
will put it on their sales floors, promote it and support it.
When you open these shows to the public, it’s harder to share
real information. You really don’t want to reveal to the public
the updated model and give them a reason to hold off buying
current stock. And you don’t want punters bashing your
prototypes and then slagging off to their friends.
So, the big names stay away and the shows lose relevance.
Nonetheless, we continue to visit the trade shows in the hope
of uncovering news – and we include a report on MusikMesse
in this edition.
This month, we also include a few reviews of new products,
including Roland’s latest drum monitors and the TM-6 Pro
hybrid module. And, by way of background, we hear from one
of the collaborators on the module’s sound design, Chris
Whitten. Meanwhile, we profile another collaborator, Kaz
Rodriguez, whose e-drum journey is an inspiration. Kaz shares
his drumming background and, importantly, tells us how he
uses technology to enhance his performance.
Other regular features this month include a lesson in shuffle
grooves from Raul Vargas and a look at Karl Franzen’s
Monster Kit.
Happy reading!