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digitalDrummer MAY 2018
GEWA/DW debut at Messe

A German-American collaboration was the e-drum highlight of
the recent MusikMesse in Frankfurt.

E-drums reach kids in need

digitalDrummer has previously reported on the use of e-drums
to combat bullying, but in Mexico, the instruments are helping a
broad range of vulnerable kids.

Roland returns to the fold(back)

It’s been a while since Roland launched anything new in the
monitor market, so Scott Holder had lots with which to compare
the new PM-100 and PM-200.

TM-2 gets a big brother

Roland has expanded its hybrid arsenal with a new ‘trigger
module’, a big brother to the TM-2.

Sampling to order

Chris Whitten, who toured with Paul McCartney and Dire
Straits, was among the artists who contributed samples to the
new Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module.


Sensory Percussion gets revamp and Simmons adds an
SD2000 app.

Powering the box

In recent years, the cajon has been transformed from an
acoustic box to an electronic instrument. So how can you bring
your cajon into the electronic age?

Expanding the mimicPRO

A new modelling pack lifts the mimicPRO to a new level, with
the sounds of classic kits and big-name drummers.

Adapter optimises CYs for 2box

A new adapter allows Roland cymbals to be used with a 2box
module, and digitalDrummer put it to the test.