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be custom-made for GEWA, recorded in
the famed Berlin Funkhaus Studio.

GEWA boasts HD triggering, including
“position detection”, which was previously
the exclusive domain of Roland modules.
GEWA has also turned to Roland’s mesh
head supplier, Remo USA, for its own
version of the two-ply playing surface,
dubbed True Rebound.

“The sound production relies on naturally
recorded sounds so that these digital
drums can be at one with an acoustic drum
kit. Up to 100 different layers of sound can
be reproduced, thanks to the True Velocity
technology,” it says.
The GEWA e-cymbals have the same
weight and dimensions as the Paiste 2002
series and include a 14” hi-hat and 14” and
18” cymbals.
For Drum Workshop, this venture
represents a step up from the KAT brand it
acquired from Fender.

Drum Workstation G9

DWe all-wood trigger shells feature Design
Series mini-turret lugs and are available in
Carbon Fiber Finishply and Exotic Walnut
The complete line of newly designed DWe
stands, pedals and rack systems includes
a host of DW drummer-friendly features
tailored for the electronic player, the
company notes.
The new line should hit stores in the
Northern autumn.

While much of the focus fell on GEWA,
Wolfgang Stölzle reports that many of the
big names were absent from this year's
MusikMesse. For example, Pearl wasn’t
there to show its MimicPRO, and market