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Hell Forged Dwarf

Are wiry and lean, with deep red to bright orange and yellow eyes but can
very due to mood with soft blue and violet as a sign of melancholy or dark
thoughts. They do not have any hair to speak of as none have any but in the
past it was a common thing but as of now that seems to be a trait long since
breed out. Their skin can be ash to a dark coal black on a rare occasion a
albino is born he is seen as a holy child and becomes a priest. These are in
every way the same as all other Hell forged as it is purely cosmetic only.

Hell forged value truth above all else. Emotional out bursts and lies are
frowned on in their culture, they can sometimes seem joyful even when in
slaved as if they don’t mind the issues they are facing. They have the typical
dwarven appreciation for order, tradition, and impeccable craftsmanship, but
their goods practical and useful, that is not to say they lack artistic talents
some do so when they have time for such things. It is these rare cases that
some of the most amazing crafts ever seen by a dwarven race can be had.
They would however never sell such an item as most are made due to some
emotional reason and would be seen as cheapening the memories and
emotions. This in of its self may seem kind of contradictory of how most view
them but it is this complexity of character that makes this race so distinct.

During the god war many Grey Dwarves fought alongside Azer to defend the
mountain homes from Fire giants and many other evil creatures from the
lower planes. The century long war created a bond between the races that
produced spirit fused grey dwarves with that of the azer. This intern created
another whole sub race of Dwarves to carry on the fight as the numbers from
both sides were decreasing. The grey dwarves still live and most are on the
Umbrian continent of the vampire kingdom, as to the Hell Gate Continent
they are only found in stories and memories like the Azer brethren. The Hell
Forged Dwarves are the most dominate race in the Hell Gate and most are
used as a slave labor force. Those who are free remain so only so long as
they can avoid capture or have bought their way to freedom by some other

Hell forged outside of the hell gate area are somewhat of a rare sight. Their
kingdom on the border of a range of mountainous volcanoes on the hell gate
continent. The Hell forged have access to the most precious of metals due to
the flowing streams of magma, and volcanic calderas. They practice their
crafts, defend their free people and enclaves from demon slave hunters and
fire giant rulers. Hell forged reproduce fairly quick and is common for a

family to have twins triplets and even quadruplets. They only carry to term
for 3 months; most families share the child rearing with father and mother
both feeding and caring for the child. This means that the males also produce
milk for the offspring as well as the females do.

Hell forged Subrace
The Hell forged subrace has the
dwarf traits in the Player’s
Handbook, plus the subrace
traits below.
Abi Ability Score Increase. Your
Wisdom/Strength score
increases by + 1.
Age. They live twice as long as
mountain dwarves.
Alignment. Hell forged usually
tend to lean towards a Neutral
alignment and are not inclined
towards good or evil. That said,
Hell forged can be of any
Size. Much like the dwarves they were originally formed from, a Hell forged
size is Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Lightvision. Your lightvision has a radius of 120 feet. As your eyes glow with
an inner fire you can project this out to 120 feet only within your line of sight
in a wide cone at will. Repressing this will let you have standard vision but
your eyes will have a faint glow about them in dim light.

Extra Language. You can speak, read, and write Undercommon.
Hell forged Resilience. You have advantage on saving throws against
illusions as with most Hell forged they are realists and do not see the world
with rose colored glasses.
Calling the flame. You know the produce flame cantrip. Once you reach 3rd
level, you can cast the burning hands spell once with this trait as a 1st-level
spell, and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long
rest. Constitution is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
Heated Weapons. When you make a metal melee weapon attack and it hits,
you deal an additional 1d6+ Your character level of fire damage. You also
may never wield a weapon made of wood that is not resistant to fire without
destroying it.
Embodiment of Flame. In addition to the light your flames provide, they can
also radiate heat so intense any who touch you are injured. Starting at level
3 You may spend your action to cause them to flare up. For one minute,
enemies that hit you with melee attacks take 1d10 + Your character level of
fire damage afterward. While doing this all items worn that can catch on fire
or that are flammable will be set on fire, other more metallic objects get a
save or may take damage possibly destroying the said item in the process.
This ability can be used once per long rest.
Cold Weakness (Minor Racial). You roll saving throws or ability checks to
resist the effects of cold weather or cold damage with disadvantage.

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