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(Volume - I)

By Shouvik K. Sarkar


Copyright Details

This book completely belongs to the author and no one else. All
rights for distribution of this book solely belong to the author

ISBN 9781387451821
Published by Lulu Press, Inc
First Publishing Year – 2018
Copyright © 2018 by Shouvik K. Sarkar. All rights




This book is a science research related book which is
written from knowledge and research of the writer. It will be
interesting one for readers of all age groups who are willing to
know new facts. This book shall explain many facts related to
spirituality and other paranormal sciences. This book is a gem
to know about various phenomena that takes place around us
but are unexplained.
Issued in 2018



I will like to thank all the readers of this book for reading
this book. I will also like to thank my family for their inspiration
and support for this book. This is the second book I am writing
and hope it will be the interesting one.






Who Is God?
a. Truth Behind The Mythological Stories
b. Spiritual Powers
Power Behind Astrology
- 23
The Universe And Its Creation
- 29
Mechanism Of Humans
- 38
Creation Of Humans Artificially
- 43
Life After Death
- 49
Science Behind Deja Vu
- 54
- 59
Telepathy And Computers
- 63
Concepts Of Time
- 69
UFO And Aliens
- 74
Power Of Genes And DNAs
- 79
Parallel Worlds
- 85
- 89
Science Behind Immortality
- 94
Secrets In Bermuda Triangle
- 99
Weather Control
- 103
a. Creation Of Mystic Earthquakes, Rains, Cyclones,
Volcanoes, Tsunamis And More
Teleportation And String Theory
- 111
Anti Gravity Experiments
- 117
Understanding Self Power
- 121
Nuclear Power
- 126
Superhumans And Working Of Our Body
- 129
Some Other Techs – Universe End
- 135
Some Mysterious Places
- 140
Power Of Astra And God’s Powers
- 147


Who is God?


Who Really God Is –

The question that does god exists is a million dollar
question. Though at present times there is hardly anyone who
believes in god completely. At old times the belief on god of
people was much more. There are a lot of books from old days
which states the presence of gods. Does right things are written
in these books is a big question? The answer can led us to the
conclusion over the debates on gods. So for that we shall
examine the truth of these books. And if we really examine
them we will find that many things written on those books are
actually correct. Proper present day researches have led to this
result. So is it means that occurrence of gods is also true? The
answer should be yes absolutely as some are correct so is all.

But from where do we conclude it? The fact that many
things like destiny of people and many other things written in
these books are proven to be perfect, then why not the
unproven things. So we should understand that these books
are right and so we should believe in them. This will make us
understand many concepts. First of all we should understand
who really god is?

We imagine Almighty is the creator, the creator of us,
universes and all other matter in the universe. But before that
the existent things are not created by god. What are those
things? Those are the most important things constituting the
whole system. They are time, energy and space. The concept
behind these three things is the real science to be understood.
We will think here as they are here in the system from very start


and will be there till very end if there will be any. The two
among these three that is space and time in magnitude can be
regarded as Infinity. It means that they do not have any start or
end. All other things are just between the existences of these
three, made by them, within them and will be destroyed also
within them. Their creation is a result of the energy. Let us
elaborate it.

At some point of time there was some energy at any point
in space. But due to some phenomena the whole energy
started converting into matter. This can be explained as follows.
As mass can be converted into energy if moved with speed of
light according to Einstein similarly energy can be converted
into mass by some phenomena according to the equation mass
= Energy / (speed of light)2. In fact every matter is made of
energy some stored in it in raw form and rest being in
converted form as mass. From this principle we can explain the
gods and creation of universe. It can be understood as follows.

In fact the very first creation by this energy is that of the
Almighty. It is the sound of Aum (Om) and is the base of all
other creations. This can be understood as energy can change
its form. Now let us come to the book, the Hindu holy book Shri
Bhagvata Gita. In that book it is clearly stated that the Almighty
has no form it is formless. It is also stated that in it that almighty
is everywhere. These two statements can be understood from
the principle that energy can change form and is everywhere
and is within every object in the system. So the almighty is
having all the energy within him and is the very first creation by
the energy present at start. But after it the sequence of creation
goes on. Then occurred the creation of gods. The first of them

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