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Dear customer,
Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of the philosophy we have been following and
implementing for 130 years where the dental market and our customers are concerned.
We always focus on the latest development and manufacturing methods and, in doing
so, we often set new standards.
Our employees‘ know-how, continuous investments in our premises in Germany, the high
standards we set ourselves from the purchasing of raw materials through to the packaging
of the finished product are all factors that have contributed to us being able, as a premium
company, to fulfil the wishes of both our customers and patients worldwide.
We have proved this once again with the new products we have added to the tomas® system and with the introduction of amda®, a distalization appliance.
Digitalization is becoming increasingly important in all forms of treatment and this is
­ lacing new demands on products and services. A first step into the digital future was
taken when the 3D model scanner orthoX® scan was introduced in 2014, enabling
­models to be digitally archived using the software orthoX® file. Furthermore, it can be
used to create STL data for individual patients and this data can be used later with other
digital products.
Our aim for the future is to continue along the path of digitalization, to embrace the
changes this will bring and to be open for new innovative ideas. For the one thing that
remains is change and the only way forward is to be part of this change.
Best regards from Ispringen

Mark Stephen Pace

Axel Winkelstroeter

CEO Dentaurum Group

CEO Dentaurum Group