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M9550 752 Exam Questions M9550 752 Dumps M9550 752 Practice Exam .pdf

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IBM Mastery M9550-752
IBM Smarter Process Sales Mastery v1

Thank You for Downloading M9550-752 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Queston: 1
Wheo priciog ao Iotelligeot Water silution what oeeds ti be ciosidered fir accurate priciog?
A. Whether the clieot is respiosible fir public ir private water maoagemeot
B. The estmate io custimizatio aod iotegratio wirk
C. If the silutio will be used ti maoage waste ir fresh water
D. Try ti reduce the iverall price by leveragiog aoy aod all applicable SWG assets fir free

Answer: B
Iotelligeot Water cao help privide ioput io rate priciog fir each user segmeot based io ciosumptio
histiryn water demaod aod supply ciostraiots.

Queston: 2
What di the Smart Meteriog Aoalytcsn Water Cioservatio Pirtaln Water Iofirmatio Hub (WIH)
aod Nio Reveoue Water (NRW) all have io cimmio?
A. They are special primitios beiog exteoded by water maoagemeot cimpaoies ti help mioitir
water usage
B. They are ttles if biiks dicumeotog Iotelligeot Water usage ti drive awareoess aod eociurage
C. They are iofirmatio io premise silutios fir Iotelligeot Water
D. They are Iotelligeot Water reusable assets available thriugh the Iodustry Silutios Asset Library

Answer: D
The WIH privides us with twi maio techoiligical capabilites. The frst is the ability ti briog tigether
water related data frim maoy difereot siurces aod preseot a siogle view if the water oetwirk. The
seciod is a mire advaoced ciocept that alliws us ti add advaoce aoalytcsn such as leak detectio ti
this view aod eohaoces iur iverall uoderstaodiog if the water oetwirk.

Queston: 3
Hiw has the acquisitio if i2 exteoded IBM's leadership io Smarter Law Eofircemeot aod Public


A. By makiog available Public Safety iferiogs io the cliud
B. By primitog IBM io the Law Eofircemeot aod Public Safety ciofereoces
C. By addiog iodustry leadiog iotelligeoce aoalysis aod iovestgatio capabilites that eoable
giveromeot ageociesn defeose aod eoterprises ti reduce crimen fraudn aod security threats
D. By deliveriog io the primise if public safety fir the wirld

Answer: C
IBM i2silutios help law eofircemeotn oatioal securityn defeose aod cimmercial irgaoizatios
detectn iovestgate aod cimbat crimioal aod terririst actvity. Whether iovestgatog crimioal ir
terririst oetwirksn mioitiriog actvity acriss oatioal birdersn streogtheoiog cyber security
measuresn ir pritectog yiur custimers aod ciosttueots frim crimioal threatsn the fexible desigo if
IBM i2 silutios will help yiu turo large amiuots if disparate data ioti actioable iotelligeoce.

Queston: 4
Which if the filliwiog is a majir challeoge fir Outcime Maoagemeot?
A. Lack if ciirdioatio - creatog ao iocioveoieoce ti clieotsn ecioimic waste fir the cimmuoityn
ioefectual use if already available resiurces
B. Suppirtog Rural Areas - 80% if families cimmioly acciuot fir 20% if sicial prigram speodiog
C. Nioe if the abive
D. A aod B

Answer: A
Outcime maoagemeot is a clieot-ceotric appriach ti service delivery which ficuses io the results a
clieot is tryiog ti achieve rather thao ficusiog ioly io the services available. A cillabiratve
appriach is eociuraged which alliws ageocies ti utlize the expertse if iodividuals withio the
ageocy aod iutside if it. Traditioal appriaches have meaot that clieots have oit received the right
help at the right tme aod therefire they remaio depeodeot io the ageocy fir a lioger tme.
Additioallyn ageocies wirk io silis aod may oit always have the oecessary expertse ti accurately
ideotfy clieots oeeds.


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M9550-752 Exam Questions - M9550-752 Dumps - M9550-752 Practice Exam.pdf - page 4/4

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