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Haiti Overview 
Wine To Water​ is an international non-profit organization founded by Doc Hendley in 
2004 that is committed to serving in communities to provide clean water to those in 
need. In each region, we work to provide clean water through water access, water 
filtration, sanitation, and hygiene.  

Social Enterprise Overview  

The social enterprise uses a long-lasting ceramic water filter produced in the Dominican 
Republic, to provide clean water to rural communities in Haiti. The social enterprises 
● Micro-financing (no interest) 
● Business and WaSH (Water 
Hygiene and Sanitation) training  
● Development of locally run filter 
businesses by community-based 
organization, such as a YMCA or 
The community based organization will 
identify community members to be 
trained by Wine to Water as Community Water Ambassadors (CWAs). Once training is 
completed the CWAs, they are certified to start micro-financing the filters. The community 
organization will supervise the CWAs. The CWAs gain hands on experiential learning in 
running a sustainable business and earn income from it.  

Program Impact  

Immediate and long term impacts include:  
1. Improved Physical Health: Reduce 
incidences of WASH-related 
2. Improved Spiritual & Emotional 
Health: Restore Dignity through 
economic activity and employment.   
3. Increase Economic Opportunities. 
4. Reduce Global Warming and Improve Local Environment. 


Financial Investment Needed  

The budget to develop one site, which includes CBO partnership, CWA development, 
and an initial 250 filters will cost $12,000. 
It’s important to note that an investment in this program will be viewed as a capital 
investment that will provide impact beyond the initial investment. Each time a micro loan 
for a filter is repaid, another family will have the opportunity to receive a micro loan and 
access to clean water. 
WTW recognizes that paying back the full filter cost over 6-12 micro-loan payments is still 
too much for some communities. Funders can decide to subsidize up to half of the filter 
cost while still recognizing the program benefits. 

Ceramic Filter Overview  

Ceramic Water Filters are an inexpensive and an effective type of water filter designed to 
fit inside of a 18 liter container fixed with a tap. They are made locally from clay, sawdust 
(or combustible material), water and nano silver. The ingredients are measured, mixed 
together, pressed into a pot, and then fired 
in a kiln. The sawdust burns out to create 
small pore holes that filter out organic 
contaminants while the silver naturally kills 
bacteria in and around the filter. Our 
Ceramic Water Filters produce safe water 
that is free of discoloration, odor, and 
unpleasant tastes. They filter water at a 
rate of 20 to 30 liters per day, to provide 
clean water for a family of five for up to ten 

Why Water? 
● Water-related diseases take the lives of an estimated 5,700 people per year in 
Haiti (Thewaterproject.org) 
● 52.4% of Haiti’s rural population does not have access to clean water, and 80.8% 
lacks access to sanitation. (Thewaterproject.org)  
● Every dollar invested by a family in clean water yields a return of $25.50 

Contact Josh Goralski ​joshg@winetowater.org​ or +1 630-303-7259 ​for more information. 

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