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 How Can We Use NetCDF Extractor V.2.0?
In the first version of NetCDF Extractor, the user can load one file to extract
desirable region. Many users need to run several files simultaneously. Therefore,
Agrimetsoft has developed the new version of NetCDF Extractor (NetCDF Extractor
V.2.0) for extracting many files at the same time.
By following these steps, all users can easily extract their data from NetCDF
files. Pay attention to track these steps, according to following. You have two options
for this aim. If you want to extract one file, you can track option 1, and if you want
to extract some files, you can follow option 2:
Option 1:
Step 1:
There is menu bar on the top of the main window. In this menu, the first icon is
related to load one file, and the second one for loading several files (Fig. 1, No.1 and
No.2). If the user selects the first icon, in the first point, the user can select the
“Extract File” (Fig. 2).


Fig. 1 Select the first or second icon of menu.