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What Is Salesforce CRM And
How It Is Helpful To Your
Salesforce CRM:
For every business to succeed it should have solid work force management and also
a dynamic customer relationship management tool which will help the business to
evaluate and address the immediate needs of the customers. So Salesforce has
come up with this tool SFA , salesforce management systems which is a
combination of Information Systems and Customer Relationship Management
systems. Using these tools, businesses can focus on Marketing and sales activities.
These activities are considered to be the core in any of the CRM systems.

So what is CRM system? How it is helpful for the businesses?
A CRM system is nothing but a tool which tracks all the stages in a Sales process.
Within this tool, all the customer related information is stored and any sort of
contacts or follow ups done for the customer are tracked perfectly. All of the tasks
are monitored and also the room for duplication is negligible while using these type
of tools.
If a CRM system is not in place within a company then there will be a lack of
communication within the different departments and ultimately affects the customer

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Cloud Computing and Salesforce
Cloud computing offers a lot of benefits and few of them are listed out below:

1. Cost Savings
2. Security
3. Flexibility
4. Mobility
5. Insight
6. Increased Collaboration
7. Quality Control
8. Disaster Recovery
9. Loss Prevention
10. Automatica Software Updates
11. Competitive Edge
12. Sustainability

The era of cloud computing has a jump start and businesses started banking on the
benefits of Cloud computing. First and foremost the cost associated to maintain or to
acquire the Infrastructure has drastically reduced because Cloud computing provides
all of the infrastructure as a package. This has made a tremendous availability of
resources on demand and the same time they are offered for a very less price.

Salesforce is also inline with the same business model of providing on demand
services for its customers based on the requirement. As a base version, they provide
an opportunity for the businesses to leverage their CRM models and also provide a
way for them to customize according to their needs.

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CRM in Early Days
CRM tool or the process was not that concerte as we have today, it has gone
through a lot of changes within evolution phase. It has been into existence for last 40
years where businesses has been using these type of tools to effectively manage
their customers and their day to day operations.
It all started in the year 1980 when Robert and Kate Kestnbaum started analysing
the marketing database. Based on this study, the customers were communicated
effectively. Thus the stand alone CRM software got into the picture in the year 1986.
Later on the demand and supply of Personal Computers and the server/client
architecture got into the limelight. This has resulted in tremendous growth in terms of

In the year 1990 to 1993 a lot of modifications has been done to the tool and the
acronym got into the picture and the tool was brought together by combining the
benefits of contact management, sales force automation and database marketing.
Slowly CRM got wide acceptance and has seen a tremendous growth. Most of the
market competitors started building value added suite services that can go along
with the existing model, just to take the advantage of the platform.

After the dot.com bubble disruption most of the companies who were into CRM were
either acquired by big companies or completely got dissolved. Later in the year, 2007
SalesForce has reintroduced the platform into the market with the brand name as
Force.com where it has provided more tools and services than the traditional CRM
system or tool will do.
With the help of Force.com, it has addressed all the criticism the cloud based
applications were not completely customizable. A lot of integration possibilities were
observed during this transition, like:

Social CRM,
Cloud based customer services management etc
The cloud based and Saas based CRM systems are completely available for a very
competitive prices where migration was easy.

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Benefits of Using Salesforce CRM:
The collection and organizing customer data is a full time tedious job where there is
no scope for mistakes. So to avoid these type of manual errors or handling process,
there is definitely a need to have a high quality Customer Relationship Management
tool for every organization or business. This will help them to elevate their customer
satisfaction barrier to the next level.
With the help of this tool, it will assist you in identifying, understanding and assisting
your clients time to time. This way you will be able to understand and approach to
your customer needs directly. The core benefits of using Salesforce CRM tool are
listed below:

1. Be organized and keep a track of what has been done vs what needs to
be done:
With the help of CRM tools you will be able to understand the exact needs, all
the follow up conversations at one place. By understanding this flow of
information will help you stand out while answering any of the questions that
are raised by the customers. This will help you to serve your customers above
and beyond, which ultimately creates a positive experience.
So everything you interact, intimate, notes all are tracked in a CRM tool.
Accessing this information from any part of the world is another added
advantage because all of the information is available in the cloud. Thus helps
in reducing the time in terms of understand the client and customer needs.

2. No need of Single Point of Contact:
Usually, most of the time the customers like to have a single point of contact
which helps them to describe their issue or a concern. The practise has been
in existence for a quite a long time. This is because the customers are
comfortable to talk the single point of contact only because they known the
entire history of the conversations and they can quickly relate to the problem
or issue and work towards a resolution. The same concept has been
implemented in CRM system now, all of the customer support activity is
tracked into the system it is easy for any new employee to pick up the case
and work towards a resolution.

3. Response time is tracked and worked accordingly to resolve the task:
Being very active and aggressive in terms of solving customer issues is the
one the crucial point where businesses are evaluated, by resolving the
complaints quickly and effectively will increase the trust factor. This is possible
with the help of a CRM system. From the time when the issue or problem is
keyed into the system, the entire history for the customer can be accessed
and possible resolution can be applied instantly. This will help to expedite the
process and also at the same time increases the customer satisfaction levels.
So having CRM system is mandatory to have a happy customer or a client.
4. Automation of Tasks:
For a successful conversion of potential lead to an actual sale takes a lot of
time and efforts. Tasks like filling out forms, reports that need to send across
to the officials, legal issues, administrative tasks. All of these activities should
be completed. All of these tasks are completely automated and the load is
taken off from the employee. The system will drive the entire process flow
where the necessary inputs are provided by the customer on timely basis.
During this process, the steps involved in terms of closing a sale will be
automated completely.

5. Improvised data utilization:
With the use of CRM system, all the customer related information and the
followup related information is available at one place. All of this data can be
synthesized and analyzed accordingly. Further, the integration aspect into
third party tools will be possible. The data can be further analyzed and
decisions can be derived which will help the organization to effectively handle
the prospective customers.

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Different products and services that are offered by Salesforce:
The products and services that are offered by Salesforce are listed below:

Salesforce Application
Lighting Platform
App Exchange
Salesforce.com Community

Salesforce Application:
Within Salesforce Applications, a predefined or pre built apps are available, i.e.
Customer relationship management where the sales executives can keep a track of
their complete activity, i.e. from marketing, sales, and customer service or support.

Lightning Platform:
This is part of Platform as a service (Paas) offering from Salesforce.
Using this platform, customers can build any type of application without having any
softwares installed or any infrastructure setup. All of the services are defined and
provided within the Paas platform. The platform has a capability to integrate with
third part tools where customizations can be done to address the unique business

App Exchange:
This is more sort of a community where a lot of applications are available that are
built by independent vendors or partners. Most of these applications are free and can
be tightly integrated with Salesforce platform.

Salesforce.com Community:
Salesforce provides an active community for all the individuals who are interested in
salesforce platform. With on going training programs and consultation events, best
practises sessions and discussion boards, the entire community is active and






Below are few products that are built by salesforce which are offered to businesses
based on their needs
They are lot of different products and services that are offered by salesforce to make
sure the demand is acknowledge according to the need. The following are few areas/
departments where they are various products/services are offered by salesforce.


The products that are offered by salesforce for sales department are as
Sales Cloud:
This is a cloud based solution where organizations can leverage this service and
manage their contacts from anywhere with any device. This is one classified as
number 1 CRM system for the businesses.

Salesforce CPQ:
CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote
Using this tool, the executives can understand the customer requirements and
configure the quote accordingly. So based on what is required, the customer will be
billed accordingly. They will have an provision to apply any discounts so that they
can configure the final price and send out the quote for the customers. This tool is
very beneficial for sales executives to close their sales quickly and effectively. So by
doing this, the billing and revenue recognition is streamlined.

The products that are offered by salesforce for Service department is as

Service Cloud:
With the help of Service cloud, the customer support activity can be taken to the next
level. With instantaneous and personalized support service you can contact your
customers via phone, email and chat. Also you can take the advantage of AI
functionality that is built in within salesforce platform.

The products that are offered by salesforce for marketing department is as

Marketing cloud:
With the Marketing Cloud service, you can build and manage any type of email
campaign activity. This campaign can be helpful for your product marketing activities
for an organization. The email campaign can be completely automated so that the
relevant messages are sent across to the right person at the right time.
With the help of this tool, you can build attractive landing pages where you can
provide more information about the product that you are promoting and also increase
the conversion rate from potential buyer to an actual customer.

Keep a track of the activity that your potential customers are doing with your email’s
and based on the activity you can convert high quality leads into actual customers.
Using this tool will help you improve your overall businesses .

Salesforce DMP:
DMP stands for Data Management Platform
Using this tool, businesses can keep track of all their customer data at one place and
can utilize this data based on different segmentation. All of this data can be
accessed from anywhere as this is a cloud based solution.

This is a B2B marketing tool which has automation capabilities which will help you
drive more sales and plan your marketing activity more effectively.

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