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BIT.GAME (bit dot game)
With its ICO-your-game launchpad, multi-blockchain SDK and in-game
token exchange, BIT.GAME will usher in the age of decentralized
blockchain games where players and developers earn new
cryptocurrencies from playing and contributing.
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Key points of the project
BIT.GAME is a project that is easy to dismiss as a games ICO but look closely and you will find
out that it has elements of some of the most successful blockchain projects but focused on
bringing blockchain games to the forefront of the gaming world. Let me list them for you:
1. It has Loom Network’s blockchain game development SDKs (software dev kit)
2. It has Arcblock’s protocol for mixing and matching blockchains.
3. Its aiming to be the Binance for games based cryptocurrencies. Registered as a
foundation with a Belarus securities license on the way.
4. Elements of Wanchain’s Ico platform (but for blockchain games: smaller scale ICOs)


5. A decentralized exchange like that of Switcheo or Kyber network with its own wallet to
atomic swap BIT.GAME based cryptocurrencies.
6. And lastly, Steemit’s writing as mining but this time playing games as mining.
As you can see, BIT.GAME is not just a “gaming” project, its actually a multi-faceted project
focus on one thing - the blockchain gaming revolution. The platform removes friction on EVERY
step of blockchain game development from funding to monetization so that a thousand
decentralized games will launch and offer the world a gaming experience that's more equitable
and rewarding for players..
BIT.GAME is comprised of three components:
1. BIT.GAME Platform is a DAICO launchpad (short for Decentralized Autonomous Initial
Coin Offering). Since game development is unpredictable, the token buyers of games
that does ICO on BIT.GAME can vote to release fund on every progress or not. This
ensures a high quality string of blockchain games without resorting to centralized
curation or management. This is a good safe way for gamers to fund blockchain game
2. BIT.GAME Solution greatly simplifies the technical barriers for game developers as well
as players. Off-chain token circulation based on IOUs allows game developers to
simplify owning cryptocurrencies for their players as well as trading and management.
This component also handle usage of multiple blockchains. It could be that a game can
easily use IPFS for storage, NEO for payments, Ethereum for smart contract and Eden
chain for high throughput events with BIT.GAME
3. BIT.GAME Exchange solves the problem of liquidity in the BIT.GAME ecosystem. Game
owners, contributors, developers and gamers can trade their tokens to other crypto like
BTC or ETH or XRP and even trade them directly to fiat currency at some point. The
exchange shares earnings with BGX holders as dividends. What’s more attractive to
BGX holders is the double repurchase plan where the foundation will use 50% of the
profit yearly to keep the circulated tokens stay at 5 Billion. At some point when the
whole ecosystem matures, they will do faster 30% buybacks to keep having supply for
rewards to miners. Better than the Binance model of increasing the value of early
believers of the project.


Token Metrics and Deal Terms
ERC-20 Token Symbol: BGX
Market Price: 1 BGX = $0.01
Soft / Hard Cap: 5,000 ETH / 30,000 ETH
Vesting: None, holding bonus plan to be announced after ICO.
Total Token Supply: 10 billion
Amount in Private/Presale: 1,000,000,000BGX / 500,000,000BGX / 2,500,000,000BGX
Tokens Released: 5-10 days after ICO concludes
MVP: June 2018
ETA in exchange: 1-3 months after ICO depending on exchanges

Locking period of 1/2 year: 10% of total team tokens (150M BGX)

Locking period of 1 year: 15% of team tokens (225M of BGX)

Locking period of 2 years: 20% of team tokens (300M of BGX)

Locking period of 3 years: 25% of team tokens (375M of BGX)

Locking period of 4 years: 30% of team tokens (450M of BGX)


40% ICO Will be used for development, marketing, operation and ecosystem support.

30% PoC mining pool Will be used as rewards during mining and making transactions
based on PoC.

15% Team holding Will be used for rewarding founding teams, technical teams, and
consulting teams that make great contributions to the construction of BIT.GAME.

15% Community fund Will be used for long-term game promotion and landing support,
as well as for rewarding the community members who make contributions to


Technical Notes

Technical details to come directly from CTO in the a version update of this doc.


Loom Network comes to mind but the bit.game team is much much more mature and
experienced. Not to mention they won’t operate a game based cryptocurrency exchange and a
DAICO launchpad for blockchain games. So all that I can see out there are just ⅓of a competitor
not combined into one cohesive effort to transform the gaming industry.
I took an extended time to look for something as wide ranging as this project but cannot find
any. This is close as we have to a Unity engine or Unreal engine + Steam (by Valve) for the next
evolution of videogames - one that lets gamers earn real cryptocurrency with real world value.


Eric Sun https://www.linkedin.com/in/yundongsun/
Master degree holder from Tsinghua University. He has been a regular internet entrepreneur
and has been CEO multiple times. His biggest stint is being CEO at Palm2play Technology, and
also worked at Perfect World and French Telecom R & D Centre. A well known senior game
developer and blockchain expert in China.
Qing Zhang
Co-Founder Former Manager of Huobi. Worked as VP 3 years in BSB bank. Rich experience in
internal control and auditing. MS of USW


Sean He
Successful entrepreneur. 15 years senior management experience in communication and
media companies. EMBA of CEIBS, MS of PKU
Kelvin Wong
His career is an remarkable combination of academic qualification and professional
experience. He graduated from PKU and got his master degree from CAS. He has no less than
10 years’ operation experience in global trading platform and game products. He is also the
maker of a most popular game platform of Southeast Asia.


Matrixchain founders as advisors and investors
MATRIX is an open-source blockchain platform that supports smart contracts and machine
learning services. With its infrastructure re-built with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques,
MATRIX revolutionizes the user experience of executing smart contracts by making the whole
process faster, easier, and safer.


The main developers of MatrixChain are chief AI scientist Steve Deng, network architect Bill Li,
and chip scientist Tim Shi. Tim Shi is highly experienced in his field, having been principal
system architect at AMD, as well as at Samsung Semiconductors. Similarly for Bill Li, a chief
architect of China’s 4G and 5G communication systems, giving him great experience in
networks. And finally, professor Deng is an award-winning published researcher on machine
learning, whose work is used as the standard for teaching in Chinese universities and will make
for an excellent base to design MatrixChain’s AI infrastructure. Rounding off the team are CEO
Owen Tao, who has previously held CEO positions at high-tech startups in China, and chief of
R&D Ethan Tian, a former senior R&D engineer at Microsoft.
Elastos founders as advisors and investors
New blockchain with totally decentralized P2P economic infrastructure which authenticates
digital rights, transfers contracts, and turns digital information into assets through blockchain
technology. Advisor include Dahong Fei
Cell Link as partner
The gaming world’s fastest and most feature-rich public blockchain
Built by game developers, for game developers
Undisclosed big name China investors
Note: Heavily hinted by someone with authority.



Bullish Long Term
Very under the radar. The various burn, dividends and other investor friendly features are very
The support of the smartest teams in the blockchain industry namely MatrixChain and Elastos
is what piqued me to dig deeper and I am so glad I did. This is a true gem with a CEO that
knows code and a strong CTO, I know the people around this project will take this to moon and

Price/FOMO Catalyst:

Double buyback program GUARANTEES positive price action.

Western investors are missing out because of bad english and geographical distance
from team. When this eventually gets noticed expect higher FOMO.

Any Crypto Kitties clone game from china that gains traction will pump up the price.

New games on a new genre that goes viral. Byte Quest - a minecraft clone on the
blockchain can be easily retrofitted with bit.game SDK.

Games market is projected to grow and grow for the next 5 years. What is next after
mobile games? Games that let you earn cryptocurrency changeable to actual money.

Mining by playing will allow this project to be talked about constantly amongst cashpoor, time-rich market segment. This translates to higher support.

hybrid centralized + blockchain games in the early and middle phase will ensure the
gamers will get the best of both worlds - cheat-resistant and fast performance but
liquid and secure game currency.

China is a major market. Traction there will pump the price higher than any other

Very optimized for meaningful partnerships. Any partnership will push the price up.



Website: https://bit.game

Whitepaper: https://www.bit.game/pdf/whitepaper.pdf

Github: https://github.com/BitGameEN

Explainer: https://youtu.be/H0W0gZxazWs

Telegram: https://t.me/BIT_GAME_PROJECT at 73k users


Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BitGameEN/



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