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very day Mr Austin keeps cursing his children on
provocation, he'll say stuffs like, 'you'll suffer, you'll be
disobeyed and frustrated by your children and you
won't amount to anything in life etc.’

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He has been counseled over and over again to avoid cursing his
children on provocation but each time, he keeps repeating
same mistake and after he is done cursing he'll regret.
Like him many keep living lives they regret, they keep repeating
harmful characters with damaging implications yet they can't
help themselves.
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They've made promise to themselves and to God never to live
that regretful life, yet they keep failing over and over again.
The man without Christ is still under the bondage of sin,
whoever wants to be saved from sin should must come to
Jesus because only Him can save the people from their sins.
For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not,
that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but
sin that dwelleth in me. Rom. 7:19-20
When Paul was struggling to live rightly, he kept struggling until
Christ saved him, like Paul, you too can be saved should you
come to Christ today in prayer.
And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name
JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. Matt. 1:21

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*God Healed Her Kidney*


want to thank God for the prayer u ministered
to me a few days ago today I went for an
ultrasound sound scan there are changes on
my kidneys the swollen part is gone, they are
now in a normal size.

Only Christ Jesus can and will save you from the yoke of sin.
If you want to surrender you life to Christ, sincerely say this
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Bro Adindu Ezekiel Ukeje Aba, Abia State - Nigeria

May, 2018




any years ago, my local team couldn't make it in lifting
trophies, every time we were on the verge of winning,
some flimsy thing will just happen and we'll lose. It
continued over and over again until as a team we took a step of
faith. This was actually what we did; we fasted, we contributed
monies and seeded and had a day when we came together and
prayed. The very next season, our team wasn't even at its best yet
we won the trophy for the first time in our history and since then we
play so well.


When someone is experiencing setbacks, if he doesn't do anything
about it, the circle of disappointment will repeat over and over
Set backs are works of the devil in people's lives to hinder them
from enjoying the life God has prepared for them.
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy...
John 10:10
The devil comes at night to steal every of their blessings when
deposited, therefore after they've seen signs of blessings, after a
weird dream or flush of thoughts and feelings, they'll wake up to a
routine of disappointments.
To move forward you have take steps of faith; fast, seed and pray
declaring God's word over your life. Go all your way to enjoy you
do these.
You also have to get rid of certain emotions; self pity, self hatred,
regrets and un-forgivenessand avoid people who pull you down
by their counsels and comments.
Self pity: Because your background is poor you begin
to say it's because your background is poor that's
why nothing is working. Or because you are an
orphan, a widow, and a single parent, or
because there is someone who is
determined to ruin your life, or
because you weren't educated etc.
you begin to lay hold on that pity
yourself saying you'll never succeed
in life.
If you continue to pity yourself for
things you have no control over that
aren't right in your life, you'll never
move forward in life, the devil would
take advantage of that to ruin your
life and you'll continue to blame
things you never had or you lost as

the reason for your failures or the failure in your upbringing.
Self Hate: If you continue to hate yourself because you are not as
tall as others, your complexion is different from what you want,
and you think you look less beautiful or you had an accident that
deformed any part of your body etc. you'll never move forward in
life, you'll continue to experience set back and you'll blame
physique for it.
Regrets: When you continue to live in regret over a mistake you
did in time past. Maybe an affair that led you into been HIV positive,
the mistake of trusting someone who took advantage of you and
certain decisions you took in the past you thought were
irreversible. You accept that as the reason you'll never move
forward then you won't.
Un-forgiveness: If you have someone whom you think has done
you so much harm and because of what the person did to you
you'll never have your dream life and then when you hold on to
hatred towards that person then you'll never move forward in life,
your dream life would forever be estranged from you. Some single
parent had refused to forgive men who put them in such state and
denied them, they now believe they can never have their ideal
marriage because of that, and because they believe that, every
ideal marriage coming to them would flop. To get your ideal
marriage, forgive. No human is able to destroy your dream life
without your consent. Forgive and God will use what they did
against you to work for you but when you refuse to forgive, you've
made permanent the damage they've done on you. To undo that
damage, forgive them.
Remember ye not the former things,
neither consider the things of old.
Isaiah 43:18
To move forward, get rid of emotions that
draw you back into an unfavorable past.
Avoid average companies: If you take
advice from someone who is less wise
than you, you'll end up doing foolish things.
Have a guide, someone who is wiser than
you, intelligent than you and lives an honest
life. No man is better than the company he
listens to. To move forward, have someone
whose word and advice propels you
forward in life.
Pastor Promise Ikpe



Wisdom for Esthers



Dedicated to Single Mothers

returned home very late in the night and asked for
food; soon my mother would serve me. I ate so
little because I wasn't too hungry and gave out the
rest to my cousins who
never got filled and ever
needed something to eat.
Later at midnight, I was
looking for something
when I entered my mom's
bedroom, she was still
awake, seeing her I knew
something was troubling
her, so I asked and she said
'nothing' then I'll chat my
sister who told me that my
mother was starving that
night, that she had given me
the only food in the house
which she had intended to eat before my sudden
arrival. She chose to stay hungry so that I might be
That's not the only sacrificial act she had done for me,
she represents the love of God to me. Her willingness
to continually make sacrifices for me is a revelation of
God's love for me.
Like my mom does, God has blessed us with mothers
who continually make sacrifices for us without
murmuring or getting tired.
Mothers are also the devil's primary target, many
moms have murdered their children because their
fathers abandoned or denied putting them in a family
way. Many moms have disregarded their children
because of their desire to indulge their flesh, they
went after money and sex, jeopardizing the future of
their kids. To these mothers, it is my prayer that they
repent and pick up their sacred duty; motherhood.
My special appreciations go to my mother, and every
mother who took up the responsibilities of caring for
the children the Lord had blessed them with.
This year recognize single mothers who were brave
enough to have their babies even after they realized
they had made a mistake in engaging in premarital


I want him home and continue to exhibit that terrible habit I had
warned him about.

sex. They didn't double the mistake by aborting the
babies knowing fully well the impact it would have in
their life: academics, career, finance and marital
Single mothers have chosen to bear the stigma the
less informed society has labeled on them. They
choose to endure the abuse and insult from men who
want them to continue in their past errors in vain
because of the love for their kids.
I write to you because you are brave and your
sacrifices wouldn't be in vain. God rewards the labor
of love. Love that child, keep saying 'no' to the former
mistakes that made you a
single mother and give that
child the best.
God will bless you with
someone who would love you
and the child.

But I'll have another orphan I'll bring home again. I had promised to
care for after we met and I'll bring him to stay with me to begin
computer lessons. He was the only son of his late parents and was
naughty and spoilt. I decided never to rush him into doing anything
and to give him space to grow unlike Destiny. He wanted me to
serve him, he'll un-hang my clothes from the hangers and hang his,
he'll use my polish for his shoes and wouldn't polish mine, he'll cry
that I buy him what he wants and if I don't, he'll cry saying 'if his
parents were alive, I wouldn't treat him that way'. He was very
naughty but in all that, I was patient with him. He disobeyed me
more than Destiny did, he flaunted my instructions over and over
again, yet I would not mind or threaten him. But after some years, he
became more obedient, godlier, and everywhere he went, people
would wonder how he came to be so decent, humble and obedient
unlike his mates.
My failure with Destiny enlightened me on how to deal with Pius. Till
today, I still seek to know his whereabouts, the very first boy who
called me father, whom I refused to treat as a son because I refused
to be impatient with him.

God bless you.

Children's day is celebrated this month; I'll like to call all fathers to be
patient with their teenagers. Tell them what's right, pray for them but
never force them to do anything and bear it when they flaunt your

Virtues for Joseph
Few years from today, I want to see myself as a better father than
I am today.
We learn more from our failures than from our successes.
Many years ago, I picked a boy from the street, his name is Destiny.
His father had disowned him and drove him out of his house and his
friend who had given him a place to stay suddenly wouldn't want
him again because of his parent's disagreement to his stay.
Destiny is a very good guy with lots of bad issues. Every Saturday
he washes the church cottons and carpets. He cleans the church
sparkling clean. He also made sure that i looked smart for every
occasion, while he stayed with me; I never wore an unpolished
shoe, unclean slippers or dressed oddly for any occasion. He'll find
out about my appointments and prepare the right attire for such
occasions. He also cooked and did the domestic but he had his
issues which for privacy sake I wouldn't want it mentioned.
I started desiring him to change over night, I refused to be patient
with him, I'll command him 'don't go out today, when its so, so and
so time, be at home, don't do this or that anymore' and he'll flaunt
my orders and I'll say foolish things like 'if you keep disobeying
me, I'll drive you out of this house'.
As a teenager that he was, he'll disobey me and go out the very time


hen people do not like something you
do, it is easy for them to dislike you
too. For instance, you may hate
people who smoke just because you hate
smoking. But for God it is not like that. He may
not like what you are doing but he doesn't hate
you because of that.

It was too late for me to bring him back as he had moved out of the
environment and till date I haven't set my eyes on him.

Meanwhile, God would never
leave you desolate. Forgive
those who abused you, and
denied you and move

Pastor Promise Ikpe


He went out and became a worse street boy from being the boy who
desired to be a pastor like me. It took me years to realize my
mistake, my issues; I just concentrated on his and hid mine. I was
impatient, I gave him no room for the seed of the good lessons I had
given him to grow, I just wanted him to manifest goodness over

Fathers who claim they are disciplinarians, who treats their children
like a dictator, wouldn't discipline them but harden them in evil.
Good characters thrive in the arena of love. It's
only the Holy Spirit who affects the right attitudes
in children. Love them, pray for them, correct
them, rebuke them, praise them, be patient with
them and never force them to do what they
don't want to do.
Respect your teens.
God bless you.

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of
those that published it. Ps 68:11
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It's like this; your child has malaria and
because you hate malaria, you begin to hate
your child. No reasonable parent will do that. If
you hate malaria, for any reason, then it's because it harms your child. In
the same way, God hates sin and its effects. If there's any reason for that,
then it's because of the harm they cause to you.
Therefore, he isn't going to forsake you because you got yourself into a
mess. As a good father, he will stick with you and help you out. That's
what a love God does. Paul's puts it this way;
Romans 5:6 (NLT)
When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and
died for us sinners.
If he loved us enough to die for us when we were sinners, then he loves us
more than enough to stick with us till we learn to walk as him.
You are deeply loved!
Sandy Amponsah

John 16:13


owbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into
all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall
hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

They are other things you will never find in the scriptures like which
career to choose, which business to start, or what to buy. These things
are not written in the Scriptures. But God has given us the Holy Spirit to
show us on which direction to go or the decision to take. So as a
Christian, you mustn't walk in the darkness but in the light. The Holy
Spirit is there to reveal everything to you. If you could ask Him
anything, He can show you what business you can do or the career that
best suits you. He can give you divine direction for success. He can
show you how to stay healthy and prosper financially.

The Bible says He shall guide you into all truth. The word "all" means
everything. He will guide you in every place you need guidance. He
will guide you into the truth. What does this mean? The truth causes
you to succeed and prosper in life. How can you get to receive the
direction of the Holy Spirit? Through praying in the Holy Spirit. When
you pray often in tongues, you will receive illumination and direction.
The Holy Spirit will begin to bring ideas and insights in you.
The Bible says the Holy Spirit will show you things to come. That means
before something happens you would have known about it. Some people
will say, "I don't know what the future holds for me". Don't say that! Ask
the Holy Spirit to reveal you your the good future in Christ. The Holy Spirit
will guide you into every step that you take. He knows everything. You
can ask him. He will tell you everything that you need to know in order to
succeed in life. You will know when to marry, the right time to start your
business or launch out your ministry. He will give you accurate decisions
for your life, marriage or business.
Pastor Andy

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