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Original filename: Colon cleanse.pdf
Title: Colon cleanse
Author: samantha bezuidenhout

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100% Natural Colon Cleanse- How
to Clean your Colon and Eliminate
Waste and Bad Bacteria

How many pounds of poop is in your colon?
For every foot of colon the body can store between 5-10 pounds of feces,
If you’re between five-six foot tall you could easily have
25 pounds of
poop stuck in you’re colon.

Dr. Schulze's Colon Bowel Cleanse; Intestinal

Formula #1 - All Natural - 90 Count Capsules

What is a blockage in the colon?
a Common blockage/obstruction is called fecal
You might have a swollen belly and stomach pain this is signs you have a bowel
Which is a serious problem that happens when something blocks your small or
large intestine.

Diseases and conditions that can increase your risk of bowel blockage:
• Abdominal or pelvic surgery (causes adhesions)
• Crohn’s disease (cause the intestine’s walls to
thicken, narrowing the passageway)

What is the most common cause of bowel obstruction?
SBO (small-bowel obstruction) is caused by a variety of processes.
Most common is:

Intra-abdominal adhesions (60-70% of cases)
Crohn disease

Signs of a blocked bowel:

Crampy abdominal pain
No appetite

• Inability to pass gas or have a bowel movement
• Swelling of the abdomen

Is a colon cleanse a good idea?
Colonic irrigation (colon cleansing) isn’t necessary, because your digestive system
already eliminate waste material from your body…
Colon cleansing can also cause less serious side effects, such as:
Cramping, bloating, nausea and vomiting.
Keep in mind:
If you find yourself sluggish, detoxifying your colon might just be what you need.
Start by performing necessary research and talk to your health care provider to
determine the best solution for you. While most cleanses can be performed by
anyone, you need to listen to your body and do what feels right to you.

Ways to clean your bowel?
Some methods involves taking laxatives,
powders, supplements, doing enemas, sea
salt water flush or drinking herbal teas.
Colon cleansing that is done to help remove toxins is a dangerous and
unnecessary practice, especially colon hydrotherapy.

Dr. Schulze's Colon Bowel Cleanse; Intestinal
Formula #1 - All Natural - 90 Count Capsules

Benefits of colon cleansing:

Jumpstarts Weight loss
Increases energy and concentration
Helps prevent constipation
Encourage Whole body detox
Supports overall intestines health
Dr. Schulze's Colon Bowel Cleanse; Intestinal

Formula #1 - All Natural - 90 Count Capsules

How long does it take to clean out your colon?
Some only need a few days while others need 1-2 months.
the large intestine is about 22 feet long so it takes time to thoroughly cleanse the
digestive organ.

Signs that you need a gut cleanse:

Diarrhea or Constipation
Skin problems
Mood swings
Joint pain
Irregular bowel movements
Dr. Schulze's Colon Bowel Cleanse; Intestinal

Formula #1 - All Natural - 90 Count Capsules

How do you get your poop to come out?

Drink plenty of water to keep your poop from getting dry and hard.
Eat more fiber (wheat bran, oat meal, carrots, beans, etc.)
Use a healthy oil like olive oil during cooking.

Best food for your gut:

Apple cider vinegar (stimulates digestion)
Fermented foods (helps with healthy bacteria in
the gut)
Fresh ginger (aids digestion)
Turmeric powder and fish oil tablets (great anti-inflammatory properties)
Fiber (great for bowel function)
Cabbage, kale, broccoli (good source of fiber and enhance detoxification)
Aloe Vera (promotes gut cleansing and repairing)
All seasonal fruit
All seasonal foods
Unsweet almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk
Gluten free grains
Organic meats
Psyllium husk, Avocado, seeds, raw
nuts etc.
Herbal teas

Worst food for your gut:

Gluten (bread, pasta, spelt , etc.)
Dairy (unflavored yogurt is ok)
Red meat, bacon, sausages, deli meats
Burgers and fried foods.
Processed / refined foods (cereal, canned food, chips, biscuits, pastries)

Sugar, sweets, milk chocolate, jams
Alcohol, soft drinks
Margarine, sauces, artificial colors, flavors, additives, hydro fats

Try Dr. Schulze's Colon Bowel Cleanse; Intestinal
Formula #1 - All Natural - 90 Count Capsules

About the product

BEST NATURAL FORMULA AVAILABLE ANYWHERE for digestive and bowel health

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: contains only vegan-friendly organic and wild-harvested herbal ingredients for
GENTLE AND THOROUGH emptying and cleansing

Helps RELIEVE DISCOMFORT due to irregular digestion

Specifically formulated to stimulate and STRENGTHEN COLON MUSCLES for laxative effect and better
propulsive contraction in bowel movement

Formulated to help increase the your body’s production of bile for EFFECTIVE DIGESTION AND

Product description
Size:1 Pack

Bowel health contributes significantly to overall health and well-being. Without a healthy and regularly
functioning bowel, we just don’t feel right. A healthy bowel helps reduce inflammation and cramping,
improves absorption of essential nutrients, eases mobility and generally promotes vitality.
The botanical ingredients of Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 are combined and formulated to help
promote regular, healthy, and complete bowel movements to help you FEEL YOUR BEST EVERYDAY.
Herbs in this formula, such as Aloe, Senna and Cascara Sagrada, contain the phytochemical anthraquinone,
referred to clinically as Emodin. Emodin has been shown to increase the natural peristaltic waves, or
propulsive contractions, of the colon muscle.
Other herbs in Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 work in harmony to perform additional cleansing and
intestinal health functions. For example:
- Oregon Grape Root is thought to stimulate and flush the liver and the gallbladder and increase the
production of bile, which is critical for digestion and absorption of fats and the elimination of certain
- Garlic is widely regarded as antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal
- Habanero is thought to stimulate the colon and as well as contribute to the healing process of the intestine
- Ginger is used widely to stimulate the colon and reducing gas
Whether used for laxative effects or for an occasional colon cleanse, Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1
may improve health by flushing toxins, optimizing energy and enhancing the immune system. A healthy,
well functioning digestive system promotes health, comfort and happiness.

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