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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet PDF EBook Free Download .pdf

Original filename: Xtreme Fat Loss Diet PDF EBook Free Download.pdf
Title: Xtreme Fat Loss Diet™ PDF EBook by Joel Marion | Download Complete Program

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Xtreme Fat Los Diet PDF EBook Fre Download
Joel Marion Xtreme Fat Los Diet System
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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review
If you are looking for a weight loss diet to lose excess body fat, avoid crash
diets at all costs. Crash diets are a very temporary solution that will end up
causing you to gain back all the weight you thought you lost. Xtreme Fat Loss
diet knows all about the health risks associated with crash diets and they have
come up with a weight loss diet solution that is not a crash diet and will have
you losing weight in no time.

What is the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet?
The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is all about helping you
lose fat e ciently through a unique combination
of workouts and healthy dieting. The goal is to
help you reach your target body weight in as short
of an amount of time as possible. This is one diet
that you will not have to starve yourself to see
In short this is a 25 day program that is designed
to help you get rid of body fat, especially in those
hard to target spots like around your belly. This
diet plan combines a speci c nutrition model with
a specially crafted workout plan to help you lose
as much body fat as possible.

How does Xtreme Fat Loss Diet work?
The core of this weight loss diet program is the 5 day cycle that is basically
designed to kickstart your metabolism. The method this program uses is called
the Strategic Synergy Triangle. Here is what the program is about:

Day 1 : Cheat Day
I’m sure that you’ve heard of di erent diets having a “cheat-day” in there
program. The concept behind this cheat day is to give your body lots of food in
order to increase leptin levels. When you leptin levels are high you reduce your
hunger and it promotes a faster metabolism. So for Day 1 you can eat lots of
food throughout your whole day. Eat until you are no longer hungry, just don’t
over stu yourself.

Day 2: Fast Day
This day will have your body burning fat very quickly. You will also be drinking
water lled with Branch-Chain Amino Acids and doing three workouts a day on
fast days.

Day 3: Shake Day
This day is very important because this is the day that you will be getting the
protien you need to recover from the workouts you did the day before. It also
will help you transition into eating regular food again and getting all the
nutrients your body needs. Don’t worry too much about the shakes, the ebook
will go into great detail on how to make your shakes the right way.

Day 4: Moderate Carb Day
This day you will eat “moderate” amounts of food. The goal on this day is to eat
30% carbs, 30% fats and 40% protein. You will end up eating ve balanced

meals throughout your day. The ebook that comes wth the program will lead
you through this step by step.

Day 5: Protein-Only Depletion Day
This is the last day of the ve day cycle. The goal here is to pump your muscles
full of amino acids but at the same time to starve your body of triglycerides
and muscle glycogen (which you will get during the next cheat day). This day
you will be eating lots of protein (from di erent meats). You should eat 2 grams
of protein per pound of lean body weight so this will vary from person to
person. The protein you eat will be coupled along with lots of veggies.
Overall this weight loss diet is designed to help
you get all the nutrients your body needs. An in
the process you won’t be starving your body at
any point. Many people nd this pan easy to
follow because they don’t have to completely
sacri ce the foods they love to eat. While this
diet is about nutrition and a eating plan it also
comes will a full workout plan. Here is what you
can expect from the workout part of this

Try Xtreme Fat Loss

Lactic Acid Training
Lactic Acid Training is the name given to this type of workout plan. To give you
more insight into this type of training I’ll try to explain the science behind it as
best as I can.
Lacid Acid is essentially waste by product produced when your muscles burn
glycogen for energy. Production of acid acid also increases the body’s
production of a growth hormone.
This growth hormone is what helps your muscles grow. Basically increasing
acid acid production also increases your production of this growth
hormone.Acid Acid is produced when you workout and your muscles contract.
So during the pressing or curling part of a exercise rather than the releasing
The workout in Xtreme Fat Los take advantage of this. The workout manual
prolongs the press/curl/lift part of a exercise and shortens the release part. So
you will be taking a good 3 or 4 seconds to push or pull the weight and just 1
second to release. The idea behind this is that it’s supposed to increase acid
production and make the workout much harder on your muscles.

Don’t worry too much on how much weights you will have to workout with. This
program is designed with beginners in mind so you will start o easy and get
more di cult as your tness level increases.

Density Training
Another type of workout highlighted in this program is called Density Training.
This is used during your cheat days and is essentially a HIIT style workout. You
will be using weights to promote muscle density and increase body strength.
Overall you will be adding weight to your workouts as well as reps as you
progress through the program.

Heavy Strength Training
The goal of this type of workout will be to complete a set number of reps per
exercise. You can take reps and do as many as you can per rep so that you will
eventually reach the target number. For example the goal might be to do 50
total. You might only be able to do 10 the rst rep and 9 the second. But as long
as you keep doing reps to reach the total number your on the right track.

Dynamic Training
This is my favorite type of training! The goal here is to go hard and fast to go as
intense as you can. Its for sure a high intensity workout! This will further be
explained in the workout manual.

In addition to all they styles of workouts, the manual will also give you a list
exercises all linked to YouTube videos for a complete demonstration. This way
you can learn the proper forms and see the exercise in action before you
attempt to do it yourself.
Try Xtreme Fat Loss

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Price and Whats

One thing i love about this program is that they know that it works and they
don’t want the price to hold anyone back from reaching their tness goals. At
the time I wrote this review the price of the complete program (plus bonuses)
was only $15.00!!
That is more than a ordable if you ask me! Not only that but when you buy the
program from their website you will get a full 60 Day money back guarantee.
Here is everything that you will get when you sign up:

Diet Manual: This manual completely breaks down everything you need
to know about this program to get started right and be successful. You will
learn what foods you need to eat, when to eat, as well as a full detailed
list of foods to consume. FAQ’s, charts and more are all included in this
Training Manual: This is all the workouts that where created to give you
incredible results. You will know ecacloly what workouts you should do
and when to do them.
Workout Log Sheets: You can print these o and have a easy to follow
reference sheet. You’ll never be lost on what you should be doing next.
You can take these with you on your portable device and keep track of
your progress anywhere you go.
Success Journal: its really important that you are recording your process
along the way. Keeping a journal has been proven to increase success
rates of diets. They provide you with daily and weekly logs for easy
Supplement Guide: The guide will break down everything you need to
know about supplements and help you gure out which supplements you
could bene t from. Supplements are NOT required by this program, this is
just a bonus for those who wish to add supplements to their training.
XFLD Cli Notes: This is the nuts and bolts of the program, everything you
need to know condensed for easier reading. These are helpful to
reference once you already went through the main guide and while you
are in the midst of the program.

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