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The Merchant of Pittsburgh

Cast of Characters
Milt Tannenbaum – [MILT] (in his 40's to early 50's) board member of
ETP – the Equity Theatre of Pittsburgh – self-made millionaire.
Samantha Blake – [SAMANTHA] (any age over late 30's) the New York
based, aging ingenue, Equity actress and long term companion of the soon
to be former artistic director, Perry Thomas.
Jeff Flannery – [JEFF] (comparable age to Milt's character) urban
pioneer Victorian house renovator/community developer – former college
English instructor– and fellow alumnus of Milt's from Cornell.
C. J. Clayton – [CHERISE] (African-American in her 30's) CarnegieMellon trained stage director returning to her Northside neighborhood
from the Magic Theatre in San Francisco
James Clayton – [JAMES] (African-American in his 60's) Cherise's
homeless father
Leo / Leonora – [LEONORA] Milt's 18 year old son – at first nerdy with
glasses and a back pack. He is a bundle of talent – a teenaged Joel Grey –
who has to look reasonably attractive when in drag through most of the
play. The casting can be gender-neutral.
Andrew Frick-Carnegie, III – [A-III] (in his 70's) father of Andrew IV –
still on the board as its former chairman. He and his son are referred to
royally as “Andrew, the third” and “Andrew, the fourth.”
Andrew Frick-Carnegie, IV – [A-IV] (any age over 40) important
banker and Chairman of the Board of ETP as the play opens.
Kristof Kwintowski – [KRIS] (any age over 40) ETP board secretary and
lackey . This actor also plays Lorenzo in Act II.
Geno Mazz – [GENO] – (in his mid-twenties) rugged model handsome –
stagehand turned actor cast to play Bassanio in “Merchant of Venice.”

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