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The Merchant of Pittsburgh

Scene 1
(eight weeks before opening night)
SETTING: It is eight weeks before the season's opening
night at the Equity Theatre of Pittsburgh in early summer
1989. The corporate appearing Board Room is stage left;
the actual ETP Stage Area is stage right, and there is a
wall on wheels with a door in it that can divide the set in
various proportions throughout the play. There should be
impromptu activities going on on both sides of this divider.
There is a large poster for the upcoming productions – one
for “The Merchant of Venice” and the other for “More
Joyful Mysteries at St. Casparian's.” On “The Merchant of
Venice” poster is added the tag – “Shakespeare's most
produced Comedy” On the bottom of both posters is
boldly printed “Production Sponsored by Carnegie Bank.”
A modernist sofa large enough to lie down upon is across
from the Board Room table and there is a sideboard along
the back wall where a Sharper Image type stereo is playing
the music that we hear.
Before the lights come up play Ella Fitzgerald's “I Loves You,
Porgy” – .
When the lights come up Milt is sitting at the head of the
table using an 80's electric calculator and taking notes on
a yellow legal pad listening to Ella. Geno interrupts with
the boxed microwave and expensive looking cappucino
machine are wheeled in on this dolly.
That's beautiful . . . and sad at the same time

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