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Exclude All Allergies Away
With Generic Claritin

About the molecule in Generic Claritin

• Loratadine belongs to class of drugs known as anti-histaminics.
• Histamine is a biochemical present inside the body which is responsible for
producing allergy symptoms like sneezing, hives, watery eyes etc.
• Generic Claritin is used in treatment of these symptoms.

Indications of Generic Claritin

• Prescribed for hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis that results in red itchy eye, eczema,
hives, insect bites and stings and any food allergy.
• This is non-sedating histaminic; so, does not make a person sleepy.

• It is available in the medical store on prescription.


• Generic Claritin competes with free histamine which blocks the endogenous
histamine to relieve the symptoms of allergy.
• It has rapid absorption in the body even if it is administered orally.

How to use?

• The usual dose of Generic Claritin is 10 mg once a day to be taken as a whole and is not
be crushed, chewed or broken.
• Generic Claritin is to be taken on empty stomach.
• One can take it either one hour before or two hours after meals.
• Alcohol consumption should be avoided while on treatment with Generic Claritin.

Before starting this medicine

• Undergo liver and kidney function test to check if they have any of these diseases.
• Not to be used in case of allergy todesloratadine a congener of loratadine
• Asthmatic patients should consult their doctors

• Askyour doctor or pharmacist before consuming this medicine during pregnancy.
• Breast feeding a baby should also be avoid while taking this medicine.

Other points to remember when taking Generic Claritin

• Never use in children below six years of age without doctor’s consultation.
• Generic Claritin is only taken until the symptoms subside and not for extended
periods of time and only as advised by the doctor.
• Consuming larger amounts of this drug can be harmful which can even result in
death of a person.
• Avoid driving and operating tools and machinery after taking generic Claritin. If the
person forgets to take the dose of medicine, the person can take the next scheduled

Side effects of Generic Claritin

The commonly seen side-effects in persons taking Generic Claritin
are vomiting, stomach ache, nervousness, fatigue, drowsiness and
dry mouth.



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