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Coral Deira Hotel in Dubai
Dubai is considered a tourist’s paradise. There are a many places across the world that have
an abundance of natural beauty. But, if you are someone who wants to witness what human
endeavour can achieve, Dubai is your best bet. This Middle Eastern city is proof that human
mind is indomitable. It is really a wonder that a group of visionary human beings designed
and developed such a beautiful and advanced city amidst the arid sands of the desert.
However, there is no denying that Dubai is a bit expensive in terms of accommodation when
compared to other tourist cities in the world. But, the expense you would incur in your stay
in Dubai is sure to be justified by the hospitality its uber-luxurious hotels provide. There are
a large number of luxury hotels in Dubai that boast of state-of-the-art architecture and have
some amazingly done interiors truly resonating the essence of Dubai.

If you ask us to name the best hotel in Dubai, the list might be just too long. But there is one
facility that might fit the criteria of being better than most, which is the Coral Deira Hotel. A
stay in Dubai, Coral Deira is definitely the first choice for many overseas tourists. In case you
are wondering what makes this hotel so special, here’s your answer:
1. Location
Coral Deira Hotel is ideally located hotel in the heart of Dubai. Most local places of interest
are at a walk or short drive away from the hotel. Owing to its prime location, you can also
get easy access to transportation facilities to and from the hotel. If you want to experience
the public transport of Dubai, there is a metro station at a walking distance from the hotel.

2. Facilities
Coral Deira boasts of international-level facilities. It has a rooftop swimming pool, a spa and
fitness centre and a world-class club house. Besides, there is an amazing restaurant on the
premises serving Continental breakfast and multi-cuisine food throughout the day. With so
much to do at the hotel, you wouldn’t even feel like going out on most days.
3. Hospitality
There can be no complaint with regards to the hospitality offered at Coral Deira. The staff is
polite and always at their toes to serve you. They try to understand your needs, and serve
you accordingly with a constant smile on their faces.



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