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SNiP standards in English, construction norms and regulations of the Russian Federation in English, building codes and standards in English
стандарты СНиП на английском языке, строительные нормы и правила Российской Федерации на английском языке, своды правил на английском языке
SNiP 1.02.03-83 in English - Guidelines for design of facilities for construction abroad
SNiP 1.04.03-85* in English - Norms of duration of construction and progress in the construction of enterprises buildings and facilities
SNiP 1.05.03-87 in English - Standards for Residential Construction Backlog with allowance for Comprehensive Development
SNiP 1.06.04-85 in English - Statue of chief engineer (chief architect) of project
SNiP 1.06.05-85 in English - Regulation on construction design supervision of enterprises buildings and installation by design organizations
SNiP 2.01.02-85* in English - Fire prevention norms
SNiP 2.01.07-85* in English - Loads and actions
SNiP 2.01.09-91 in English - Buildings and constructions in undermine territories and collapsible soils
SNiP 2.01.14-83 in English - Determination of design hydrologic characteristics
SNiP 2.01.15-90 in English - Engineering protection of territories, buildings and structures from dangerous geological processes. Basic design principles
SNiP 2.01.28-85 in English - Landfills for the disposal and burial of toxic industrial wastes. Basic provisions on design
SNiP 2.01.51-90 in English - Civil defense technical Engineering measures
SNiP 2.01.53-84 in English - Blacking out of populated areas and economic objects
SNiP 2.01.54-84 in English - Civil defense shelters in underground mineworks
SNiP 2.01.57-85 in English - Adaptation of commercial and domestic facilities for decontamination of people and motor transport rolling stock
SNiP 2.02.01-83* in English - Buildings and structures foundations
SNiP 2.02.02-85* in English - Foundations for hydraulic structures
SNiP 2.02.03-85 in English - Pile foundations
SNiP 2.02.04-88 in English - Basements and foundations on permanently frozen soils
SNiP 2.02.05-87 in English - Basements of machines with dynamic loadings
SNiP 2.03.01-84* in English - Concrete and reinforced concrete structures
SNiP 2.03.02-86 in English - Concrete and reinforced concrete structures made of dense calcium concrete
SNiP 2.03.03-85 in English - Armocement structures
SNiP 2.03.04-84 in English - Concrete and reinforced concrete structures for use in conditions of high temperatures
SNiP 2.03.06-85 in English - Aluminium structures
SNiP 2.03.09-85 in English - Asbestos cement structures
SNiP 2.03.11-85 in English - Preservation of building constructions and equipment from corrosion
SNiP 2.03.13-88 in English - Floors
SNiP 2.04.01-85* in English - Domestic water supply and plumbing system
SNiP 2.04.02-84* in English - Water supply. Public utilities
SNiP 2.04.03-85 in English - Sewage system. Public utilities