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How to Choose the Best Survival Bow The Survival Bow Buyers Guide.pdf

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noise to get your arrow ready.
Sights can be very handy but learning to shoot instinctively should be a goal. In a survival
situation take every advantage you can get but avoid crutches. Use sights when you can but
develop the skill to shoot without them should you need to. Most people will be surprisingly
accurate without sights, almost like it’s ingrained in our genetics.

A great number of bows on the market have some sort of takedown feature. Most of the time
this will just be limbs that can be removed, breaking the bows down into thirds. Some have a
sleeve that allows them to pull apart at the handle.
A recent innovation that caters specifically to the survival bow market features folding limbs
that keep everything in a small, convenient package. These often make sense for a bug out
bag but not as an everyday bow.
There are a ton of offerings from big companies like Bear and Martin all the way down to guys
making custom bows in their garage. You can get kits to make your own or buy the greatest
space age technology. Even the best survival bows are just simple mechanism but with skill
can be used to great effect.
Find what suits your needs and abilities and get out and shoot! There are few things that
capture the imagination more than sending an arrow down range and hearing the satisfying
‘chunk’ as it sticks in the target. It harkens back to when skill and hardiness kept us alive and
the woodlands were wide and full of game. Few things in life are more rewarding!

Some of the Best Survival Bows on the Market

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow