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3. Sue spirit*
(Crime and punishment physician based on

The complainant is a respondent Information network Promotion and
Information Protection Act Section 10 regarding Penalties Article 70
(abbreviation: Cyber-libel or Cyber contempt)Wow

Preliminary crime In fact, the Criminal Law Sin No. 307000000000000 on
Chapter 33 Honorable (abbreviated defamation), The Penal Code Article sin
about Chapter 33 honors the 311 (hereafter contempt), Services Digital
Network Haohni accused of (cyber stalking crime abbreviation) Promotion
and Information Protection Act on Article 44 7

A severe punishment Please penalties. *

4. Crime *
Respondent is the one event to the complainant take advantage of the anonymity of cyberbullying as
a means of crime in cyberspace for their own private interests or feelings.
Whether to leave or false facts Who was in a disagreeable fact reveals a serious flaw in the
complainant (disability, family problems), etc. outing damage can cause secondary damage of the line
In the state, the complainant There was bound to be reluctant even to report the damages to the fact
that law enforcement agencies were very difficult to assert boldly and suffered with it immediately
after the crime occurred in the plaintiffs position.
Defendant sweep Due to a misrepresentation timely seriously to the extent that the complainant is
unable to lead a life The complainant and the family BullyHyeotgo impose death threats and suicide,
tormented and tragic that so far one person.
Defendant sweep Due to a timely end the false accuser can not you can not find a job being an
outcast in the community belong to any social gathering The complainant I seriously considered
suicideIt is situationThe sentence.