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The 7C Constitution (Version 4.0)

If you love money, and think your salvation lies with getting rich, your
world will literally be ending in catastrophe very soon. There is no help for
you. You're stuck in hell (the trap of imaginary money and debt) and don't
know it, nor will you ever see it forever. Goodbye. Otherwise, continue.
The current capitalistic business model of the early 2000's is to absorb
all the profits to the elites, while not paying employees sufficiently to
survive, or to not give any money at all. This system will fail, so much that
money will no longer exist in society. As of 2018, this has already
happened, but nobody is talking about it. Therefore, the only way for
anyone to survive is to generously with our hearts(Love), make products
and resources on our own for everyone, and give them away. Forget about
making money, because no one has any. This is what the 7C Constitution is
about, surviving without money. It's too late to change this, or go back to
the old ways, and we must learn the new ways to live in the New 5D Earth.
The elites have already won their empty victory of winning the game of
Monopoly, and they will never give their stolen money and property away.
Let it rot in 3D, while we make new technologies and systems of living
that elites can no longer participate in, manage, or control. This is 7C; true
freedom, under the people's control. Territorialism is abolished.
Meanwhile, the elites (corporations) think we are a burden on society,
and think of us as a vermin pestilence, and want us eliminated, while they
take the cream of the crop to do their hard labor. They even think the poor,
jobless and those on welfare are creating hell for them, because they think
we're leaching off them (which isn't true, because they leached off of
everyone's labor for next to nothing, while keeping all the profits to
themselves). They've also stolen the high technology from the ETs and
reverse engineered it to live the high life. After all, what do you need lowly
vermin for, if you can take all the super high tech, as these poor could only
contribute as slavery. Unfortunately, like a bunch of drug addicts, you keep
shooting down and stealing other ETs critical needs, becoming a pestilence
to them. Many may see these as attacks of the elites, or even pests
themselves, and eradicate these pestilent elites. So much for sociopathic
Whetico. They don't survive, they're vicious predators, sick with total
domination, and always destroy themselves.
I believe that one of the biggest flaws in everyone's thinking is, they
think they need a leader to do everything for them, thus giving their power
away to someone that will always take advantage of them for exploitation,
or be so incompetent as to always fail the system. The old system treated
you like an unruly child. This is not what 7C is about. 7C is about teaching
you to be your own adult, independently thinking and doing everything
yourself, recognizing when you are getting scammed, and to break free of
the enslavement of conformist thinking. You are all Gods, not servants to